Faculty Accepting ACBS Students for the 2014-15 Application Cycle

Dr. Kounios. Dr. John Kounios’ interests include cognitive psychology/cognitive neuroscience, focusing on problem solving and creativity; specializing in electrophysiological methods (EEG and ERP); also interested in neuroplasticity and cognitive training.

Dr. Mirman. Dr. Dan Mirman’s interests include cognitive science/cognitive neuroscience, focusing on phonological, semantic, and cognitive control aspects spoken language processing and individual differences; methods include behavioral and eye- tracking experiments, computational modeling, cognitive neuropsychology (patient studies), and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

Dr. Sims. Dr. Sims’s research is in the area of computational cognitive science. He studies the computational processes that underlie human decision-making under uncertainty, reinforcement learning and learning from feedback. In addition, Dr. Sims is also interested in understanding visual short-term memory and perceptual expertise, and how learning allows the brain to make more efficient use of the limited memory capacity that it has available. Another area of research is studying the coordination of eye movements and motor control in complex tasks.

Dr. Zhang. Dr. Fengqing (Zoe) Zhang's research interests center around neuroimaging data analysis and statistical methodology motivated by complex social, behavior, and biomedical related problems. These types of data are often high dimensional structured and pose great analytic challenges. I am interested in developing statistical tools that can address these challenges and extract new information content, especially in the areas of data mining, Bayesian modeling, Big Data analysis, and neuroimaging data analysis. Some of the working topics include brain decoding, fMRI data analysis, segmentation of MRI images with white matter lesions, imaging mass spectrometry data biomarker selection and classification.