November 2012


The School of Education, along with The Math Forum, Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences and Temple University’s College of Education have been awarded a $2.2 million National Science Foundation grant for “EnCoMPASS: Emerging Communities for Mathematical Practices and Assessment,” a project that studies community-based professional development for math educators. The study will utilize The Math Forum’s popular “Problems of the Week” website feature as a context to help teachers develop strategies that support students’ mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

Dr. Michel Miller O’Neal, Assistant Professor of Special Education, School of Education, received a $150,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences. The grant focuses on making the Academy of Natural Sciences more accessible and educational for families with autistic children. Miller O’Neal plans to develop an app that will help children with autism get the most out of their museum visit.

Steve Weimar, Director, Math Forum, received a $180,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for the professional development for math educators who wish to incorporate Math Forum mentoring experiences into courses. The project is in collaboration with Swarthmore College and Utah State University.