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The Office of Ressearch now publishes a monthly newsletter. Please find the latest editions archived above, though please note that some material was time sensitive at the time of publication and therefore may no longer be relevant.

REACH 2010

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In this issue we’ve chosen to highlight our Junior Faculty, and so the articles you read will discuss the research and creative activity of Assistant Professors. (By the time we went to press, four of our faculty featured here had received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.) This provides an extraordinary snapshot of our University, because it is a glimpse of the future—of the people on whose shoulders Drexel’s reputation will rest in the 21st century.

REACH Magazine | Spring 2009

This issue of the REACH magazine brings exciting innovations in energy through smart power distribution, sustainability with our Smart House of the future and mega-city engineering with our newest Major Research Initiative, Engineering Cities. Drexel researchers are working on use-inspired projects that directly impact the major needs of our society. We now have three interdisciplinary A.J. Drexel Institutes and four Major Research Initiatives that are leading the nation in their technological discoveries.

REACH Magazine | Spring 2008

"REACH," this new magazine published by Drexel University’s Office of Research, has been designed to provide readers with timely information about areas of use-inspired research and creative works that are being addressed at the University and profile the research interests and accomplishments of individual faculty members. In this inaugural issue of "REACH," readers are introduced to Drexel’s Major Research Initiatives in Plasma Medicine and Biology, and Neuroengineering as well as the research activities in our A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute. In addition, we have profiled several prominent members of the Drexel faculty representing different disciplines of research and creative works that are performed in the colleges and schools that comprise Drexel’s vibrant academic environment.

Students are spearheading the creation of a living learning laboratory for multidisciplinary research projects in sustainability...


Drs. Nwankpa and Miu are using lessons learned from the blackout of 2003 to create smarter energy systems...


Dr. McGrath's team works with researchers on evaluating the commercial potential of a discovery and its protectability...