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Drexel University now claims a leadership role in creating technological solutions to solve societal problems in the 21st Century. This bold statement reflects not only the accomplishments of our faculty and leadership during the recent past, but more importantly, their collective vision going forward. In barely more than a decade, Drexel's research enterprise increased expenditures for sponsored projects more than seven-fold, from $15M in FY1996 to approximately $110M today. Drexel is committed to "use-inspired" research and is poised to respond to novel opportunities for research, scholarship and technological development. Clear examples come from interdisciplinary efforts to meet emerging national imperatives to upgrade the transportation infrastructure, to move "alternative" energy sources into the mainstream and to invent the means to improve medical care while reducing its costs. The Office of Research is committed to facilitating research activities across the institution. Our achievements, however, are driven by our faculty.

The synergies provided by bringing the health sciences of medicine, nursing and public health together with the technological prowess of the engineering units have yielded dramatic successes in translating the questions of clinical care and epidemiology into new answers for our community. Such advances led to major, new programs funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and other sponsors from government, foundations and industry. Our competitiveness at the NIH and NSF the gold standards for rigorous peer review has demonstrated the quality of our faculty, students, and facilities...


Office of Research

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