School of Education

Upon degree completion, graduates of our programs will be able to...

Teacher Education, BS

  • Demonstrate independent and creative academic leadership skills that can be applied in the classroom, school community and the profession
  • Understand the changing role of the educator in an increasingly diverse society, and apply this understanding in the classroom, school community and profession
  • Demonstrate a global perspective on current issues in education, understand best pedagogical practices, and utilize this knowledge in the classroom, school community and profession
  • Recognize and demonstrate the importance of the application of educational research as a tool to explore critical aspects of teaching and learning in PK-12 settings
  • Demonstrate a strong academic background in all subject areas that meet PDE content requirements, with strong emphasis on mathematics and science
  • Effectively integrate tools of technology in curriculum, assessment and instruction to enhance PK-12 student learning.
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect upon one’s professional practice through the successful completion of course work and engagement in experiential learning to promote positive, transformative change within the profession