Pennoni Honors College [PHC] Undergraduate Program Level Outcomes

Upon degree completion, graduates of our programs will be able to...

Custom-Designed Major

  • Demonstrate the ability to think and make connections across disciplinary fields of knowledge
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply cross-disciplinary methodologies to research
  • Demonstrate applied interdisciplinary problem-solving skills to complex problems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of content and methodology of at least three substantive fields of knowledge chosen by the student
  • Demonstrate self-directed learning through the development and achievement of a set of learning goals which are appropriate to their self-designed course of study and which were crafted in consultation with CSDN faculty (including faculty mentor) and professional staff
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrate the capacity for self-advocacy
  • Demonstrate the requisite skills to develop and execute a long-term project that incorporates the knowledge, methodologies, and design techniques of the fields from which the students draws