Drexel University is committed to assessing program quality, viability, and alignment to ensure institutional academic quality and improvement. The Program Alignment and Review Project is designed to support sound and innovative academic decisions.

Continuous Quality Improvement in Academics

The Office of the Provost is committed to an ongoing, comprehensive plan to continuously and formally review programs and the overall structure and alignment of instruction and research at Drexel, ensuring relevance, quality, and measurable achievement. This process is being overseen by the Program Alignment and Review (PAR) Committee, appointed by the Provost. The PAR Committee members represent faculty, deans, and staff from across the university. They work closely with faculty and students from units under review. A robust, cyclical and evidence driven PAR system ensures that all programs and courses integrate with, align with, and support the Drexel Student Learning Priorities (DSLP's). The DSLP's send a powerful signal to students, parents, faculty and staff that Drexel University is committed to producing graduates who are broadly educated and capable in ways that contribute to lifelong logical habits of mind, professional competence, and a continuous commitment to learning.

PAR Handbook

Produced by the Office of the Provost under the direction of the PAR Standing Committee, the Drexel University PAR Handbook contains a compendium of information related to the PAR process including timelines, glossary, resources, guides for external review committees, etc. The handbook is designed to serve as a reference for the work of the self-study committees.

PAR Resources & Tools

This collection of tools is a robust resource for the PAR Process. It contains a rubric for institutional evaluation of the assessment process along with program level outcomes as they are developed and identified. These rubrics and outcomes will serve both the self-study teams as well as the external review committees.