Teaching Portfolio Workshop

The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce that it will host a Teaching Portfolio workshop for graduate students who have been teaching assistants with at least one full year of experience. The teaching portfolio is the analog of your professional/research CV and in its essentials contains material that documents or displays accomplishments in teaching. More and more, teaching portfolios are being required by universities and colleges from prospective hires while companies find them useful as indicators of ability to handle meetings and presentations. Students interested must register for this workshop with Dr. Teck-Kah Lim (limtk@drexel.edu).

How the Program Works

Before the program proper begins, every registrant must read the following:

Reading Materials

To start your reading, go to:
http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/teaching-guides/reflecting/teaching-portfolios/  and also watch this video clip: and watch a video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHA6HaUQSZI.

Here are some additional links that give a good introduction to Teaching Portfolios. There are also some sample portfolios:

The last resources include a handbook and some teaching modules available at the Yale University websites: 

You are expected to plow through these and complete a (very) rough draft (or sketch) of your teaching portfolio (TPv1) prior to the start of the program. It must include:

  1. your teaching philosophy/statement, 
  2. the teaching methods you use
  3. the courses you have TA-ed in, 
  4. the evaluations you have received (if available), etc.

You must submit it via email to the workshop’s director, Dr. Teck-Kah Lim (at limtk@drexel.edu) by no later than July 21st, 2014. Estimated time to create the draft: 4-6 hours.

Group Meeting 1: “What is a Teaching Portfolio?”: July 24, 2014
Location TBA

Dr. Teck-Kah Lim will go over the “art” of creating teaching portfolios in detail, using your drafts to highlight “errors of omission” as well as take questions. He will also assign students to faculty mentors and “buddies”. Because only a small number of faculty mentors are available at the workshop, it may not be possible to match all applicants with faculty mentors. Selection will be based on the drafts that are submitted. Those who cannot be accommodated at this workshop will be guaranteed mentors at a future workshop. After the session, each registrant paired with a faculty mentor will work on their draft before submitting the revised version (TPv2) to their faculty mentor by no later than July 28th, 2014.

Meeting with Your Assigned Faculty Mentor Week of July 28, 2014

You will get together with your faculty mentor to discuss their suggestions for improving your portfolio (Estimated time 1 hour).

Peer Review with a Buddy: After Week of July 28, 2013

Make any suggested changes based on the recommendations from the faculty mentor and exchange your latest draft (TPv3) with your buddy for peer review. Together you and your buddy will work collaboratively to improve each other’s work. You will submit your “almost final” draft (TPv4) to your faculty mentor by August 4th, 2014.

Meeting with Your Faculty Mentor with Almost Final Draft:
After August 4th, and by August 8th, 2014

Participants will meet again with the faculty mentor to discuss their “almost final” draft. You will then prepare the final version of your portfolio (TPv5) for display at graduation.

Graduation: Week of August 11, 2014

The entire group will meet for a1-hour lunch meeting. The purpose of the meeting is: a) to share experiences in teaching-portfolio creation; b) to prepare you to mentor others at future workshops; and c) for Dr. Lim to issue certificates to those who have successfully completed their portfolios.