Outstanding Dissertation Awards

Three awards are presented to doctoral students graduating at each Commencement who have written outstanding dissertations that reflect great research. The awards, with a cash prize of $1000 and a certificate of recognition each, are in the following categories:

Social Sciences (for students in Business, Education, Information Science, Psychology);
Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (for students in Mathematics, all Engineering programs);
Physical and Life Sciences (for students in Bioscience, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Policy, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing and Health Professions, Public Health).

The department groupings given are not exhaustive (for reasons of brevity) and should not be considered to be set in stone. For example, a Biomedical Engineering student or one in Information Science who has written a praiseworthy thesis as part of the requirements of the degree may be nominated in the Mathematical Sciences and Engineering category if the student’s thesis topic is thought to fall in this area. If you have questions regarding the appropriate group placement, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

Nomination Procedures

Only one nomination per award offered is allowed per department (or college with no departments) – unless the program is graduating an unusually high number of students in which case two nominations will be allowed- and must be submitted by the department head/chair (or dean, for colleges with no departments) to the Office of Graduate Studies. Nomination materials in a single pdf file should be e-mailed to limtk@drexel.edu by 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 16, 2014 and should include:

  • Two letters of recommendation (with one from the dissertation advisor and the other from a member of the dissertation committee or someone notable in the nominee’s field of research);
  • a supporting letter from the department head/chair explaining why the nominee was chosen;
  • a short summary (no more than 5-10 pages) of the student’s dissertation or a copy of the external abstract as originally submitted with the dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies;
  • A curriculum vita that lists educational and research training, publications *(if any), awards received (if any) and other pertinent information;
  • A 2-3 page statement in the nominee’s own words and in lay language indicating how he or she meets the award criteria;
  • Evidence of extracurricular activities and service to the University and community, if any;
  • A copy of the student’s D5 form or notice of dissertation defense.

Application packages that are not complete or are late will not be considered.

*In the graduate student’s CV, in the section highlighting papers published, presentations made and conferences attended, the details of the papers/posters should conform to the, wherever appropriate:
For meeting/conference contributions:

  • Meeting Type (National/International/Regional)
  • Format of presentation (Poster, Oral); allowed time if oral
  • Published in Proceedings?
  • Invited or accepted
  • Author order (first, last, .. ) and workload (100%, 50%, .. )

For published work:

  • Peer-reviewed paper/book chapter (by invitation or submission)
  • Acceptance rate
  • Impact factor of journal or audience of circulation (International, National, Regional)
  • Number of citations
  • Author order (first, last, .. ) and workload (100%, 50%, .. )

Award Selection Procedures

  1. The Office of Graduate Studies has appointed an award committee that will review nominations and submit names of prize winners to the Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies.
  2.  If the award committee judges that no nomination is outstanding in any category, no award will be given in that category.
  3. Winners will be informed ahead of time and will receive their award at Commencement.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Originality of the work and creativity demonstrated;
  2. Output achieved or likely to be achieved (papers, presentations, posters, etc.);
  3. Impact on the field (through citations, H-index, etc.);
  4. Recognition by others (through awards, invitations to make presentations, placement after graduation, etc.);
  5. Standing of the student among peers, past and present.

Outstanding Dissertation Awards 2014

Alison Nicole Novak

Social Sciences
Aleksandar Kecojevic

Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Jared Thomas Langevin
Chau Duc Tran

Physical and Life Sciences
Arangassery Rosemary Bastian

Louis Angelo
Kavan Hazeli
Latifa Jackson
Ashley Johnson
Karen Sullam