Drexel University Office of the Provost


Provost Office: Memorandum

To: All Faculty and Staff
From: N. John DiNardo, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Subject: New Full-time/Part-time Policy
Date: 14 December 2005

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce that the Full-time/Part-time Policy was approved on November 23, 2005. To view the Full-time/Part-time policy, please access: http://www.drexel.edu/provost/policies/fulltime_parttime.asp

The new policy establishes the criteria for students studying full-time or part-time and advises them of potential consequences associated with falling below full-time status. By making the criteria and consequences clear, we hope to encourage students to make informed decisions regarding course and program progression.

The Full-time/Part-time Policy is accompanied by a layered communication strategy that will alert students, faculty and staff of the new policy. The strategy has been designed with students in mind - the following communications will be launched beginning December 15th:

* Notices on the Advisor, Provost, SRC and USGA websites
* Advertisements featured on the Drexel Information Network (DIN)
* E-mails sent to specific populations (students, faculty and staff)

The communications approach was conceptualized in tandem with the Student Retention Workgroup and is supported by the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA).

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