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Items Requiring Special Approval

Items listed on this page require additional authorization which must be obtained before a Request to Purchase can be submitted to Procurement Services. These special procedures take longer than the normal purchasing process; plan accordingly when working with deadlines.


Investigators needing to purchase animals should submit an Animal Order Form (countersigned by the facility’s Animal Care supervisor) indicating any special husbandry needs (i.e. barriers, one animal per cage, etc.) to University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR).

This is not required if a PO is issued to purchase the animals.

Equipment Involving Facilities Management

Requests to Purchase for equipment needing a unique power source or having other conditions that require the involvement of Facilities Management should be submitted to Facilities Management first for approval and verification that all special requirements can be met prior to sending to Procurement Services.

If the original location for the requested equipment is not suitable, Facilities Management or Procurement Services will advise the person or department of possible alternative locations. This process requires extra time, so good planning by the requesting department is essential.

Legal Review

Some purchases, especially contracts, may require a review by the University's General Counsel. This process could take two to six weeks depending upon the complexities involved, therefore, good planning by the requesting department is needed.

Contract Protocol Policy (Drexel University and Drexel University College of Medicine)

Radioactive Material

Receipt, possession, storage, and use of radioactive material are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. These agencies require that the acquisition of radioactive material be controlled by the University to assure permitted type and quantity as well as accountability. The following procedure is intended to provide these controls.

For radioactive materials, a Purchase Request must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Office for review and approval. In addition to the normal information, requisitions for radioactive materials must also include the following:

  • Radioisotope (e.g., P-32, C-14, tritium)
  • Amount of radioactivity in units of activity (dpm, microcuries, millicuries)
  • Chemical compound or physical form (dATP)
  • Specific activity if it is not indicated by the catalog number
  • Name of authorized user (faculty member approved by the Radiation Safety Committee)
  • Location where the radioactive material will be used
  • Signature of the authorized user or designee

Approved requisitions are signed by the Radiation Safety Office and then forwarded to Procurement Services to place the order.

The Radiation Safety Office receives the radioactive material, conducts appropriate check-in surveys, and delivers the material to the laboratory.

Please note: Procurement Services must receive Purchase Requests for next-day delivery of radioactive materials by 3PM; requests must be approved by the Radiation Safety Office first.

Research Grants

Government grants require that the purchasing guidelines of the University be strictly followed (research projects with a fund number in the 200000 range):

  • Request to Purchase under $25,000.00 (other than those for equipment and subcontracts) should be sent directly to Procurement Services.
  • Any Request to Purchase for equipment, subcontracts or over $25,000.00 must be routed through the Office of Research Administration.