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PCard Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a PCard?

To make purchasing low dollar items (typically less than $2,000.01) quick, flexible, easy and cost effective. To reduce paperwork by reducing the need to create Requests to Purchase, check requests, travel advances, petty cash funds or personal funds.  Allows an employee to deal directly with vendors often via Procurement Services's Marketplace or the University's Ovation Travel site utilizing contracted pricing.

What does a PCard provide that a Purchase Order cannot?

It gives you the flexibility to place your order directly in person, by telephone or online. Many times, placing orders through a vendor's website provides the lowest prices available and immediate access to tracking of product and electronic confirmations and receipts.

How can I obtain a Drexel PCard?

Issuance of a PCard is based on business need.  If your department head or manager believes you need a PCard, please complete and submit a fully executed PCard Application.

Can I make personal purchases using a PCard and later reimburse the University?

All transactions must be for the use and benefit of Drexel University or Drexel University College of Medicine. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden and the PCard may be revoked.

What do I do if a particular vendor will not accept the PCard?

Contact the PCard Office ( and explain the situation.

How do I contact the PCard Office?

How do I create a query in my PaymentNet transaction list?

  1. Make sure your computer is Java enabled
  2. To create a query, open the Query Wizard for your transaction list by clicking on the CREATE QUERY button
  3. Select ALL or ANY from the drop-down box after determining if the query is to:
    • meet ALL questions asked within the query,
    • meet ANY questions asked within the query (meaning that a transaction only has to meet one of the criteria to appear in the query)
  4. In the first drop-down box, select the field to query: [Accounting Cycle]
  5. In the second drop-down box, select the variable of the query: [is equal to]
  6. Fill in the last box by selecting the appropriate Cycle: Ex. [ April 2007 ]
  7. Select the PROCESS QUERY button

Your results will now display on the Transaction List page; update your transaction notes.

What are acceptable transaction notes when I reconcile?

Transaction notes need to describe details of what and for whom an object was purchased or who, why, where, and when an event was paid for with University funds.

How do I print a Statement of Account?

  1. Login to PaymentNet (
  2. Select PAYMENTNET (left side).
  3. From the top menu pull-down box, select REPORTING.
  4. In the Select a Category screen, select TRANSACTION.
  5. For Transaction Reports select STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.
  6. For the Report Criteria for Statement of Account screen, change the pull-down menu to read:

    ACCOUNTING CYCLE     >    is equal to    >     month that the cycle began

  8. From the Report Statement of Account format option, click on the green arrow for ADOBE PDF FORMAT. A page will display with available download files. You can then wait to receive your email OR keep hitting REFRESH until the report is displayed (the text will be in blue and will show a creation date and time).
  9. Click on the report to open and review to ensure that all transaction notes are referenced. Click PRINT.
  10. You then have the option to save the report to your computer.

Make sure you keep a copy of this report, with signatures and original receipts, for your records.

When I try to login to PaymentNet, I get the following error message: "User ID is not active. Contact your system administrator to properly set up login for this User ID."

This warning indicates that you have been locked out of PaymentNet due to multiple login attempts. Contact the PCard Office to unlock account and reset your password.

Please note: passwords are case sensitive.