Course Websites Spring 2013-14

Course Course Title Instructor
PHEV 145 Weather I: Climate & Global Steinberg, Jerry
PHEV 146 Weather II: Analysis/Forecast Steinberg, Jerry
PHYS 100 Prep for Engineering Studies Kaczmarczik, Paul
PHYS 101 Fundamentals of Physics I Olson, Kevin
PHYS 102 Fundamentals of Physics II Aprelev, A.;Urbanc, B.;Tyagi, S.
PHYS 105 Computational Physics I McMillan, Stephen
PHYS 107 Acoustics Cruz Cruz, Luis
PHYS 115 Contemporary Physics III Vogeley, Michael
PHYS 131 Survey of the Universe Richards, Gordon
PHYS 131 ONL Survey of the Universe Scheidly, Eric
PHYS 135 How Things Work Dolinski, Michelle
PHYS 137 Issues in Science and Religion Finegold, Leonard
PHYS 151 ONL Applied Physics Scheidly, Eric
PHYS 151 Applied Physics Lim, Teck-Kah
PHYS 152 Introductory Physics I Steinberg, Richard
PHYS 154 Introductory Physics III Ferrone, Frank
PHYS 181 Astronomy Larson, Donald
PHYS 184 Applied Physics III Carchidi, Michael
PHYS 201 Fundaments of Physics III Karapetrov, Goran
PHYS 280 Fundamentals of Phys Lec III Arizzi, Rocco
PHYS 282 Fundamentals of Phys Lab III Lambert, Joseph
PHYS 330 Intro to Nuclear Physics Lane, Charles
PHYS 399 Computational Physics Vallieres, Michel
PHYS 408 Physics Seminar Richards, Gordon
PHYS 493 Senior Research III Cruz Cruz, Luis
PHYS 512 Electromagnetic Theory II Ma, Hairong
PHYS 517 Quantum Mechanics II Gilmore, Robert
PHYS 521 Statistical Mechanics I Yuan, Jian-Min
PHYS 750 ST:Standard Model Goldberg, David