Physics Undergraduate Advising Office

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, David Goldberg, PhD, is your primary source of information about the Physics program and can help in answering most questions. The advisor works with current and prospective Physics majors, as well as those enrolled in coursework. Professor Goldberg can also assist you with any other concerns that you may have regarding the program.

The advising office is located in Disque Hall 808. You can reach David Goldberg, PhD, at (215) 895-2715, or at, but we encourage students to stop by his office during regular office hours.


  • An advisor will be assigned to every physics major or double major for the duration of the student's time in the Physics Department.
  • Students are free to switch advisors at any time and for any reason (none needs to be given). Simply obtain the consent of the new advisor, notify the old advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies ( David Goldberg, PhD).
  • Students are to meet with their advisors at least once per term. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the appointment.
  • Prior to each new term, a student must fill out a Proposed Schedule Form, which the advisor must see. The advisor doesn't need to approve the schedule. He/she is to merely advise the student as to the applicability of that schedule toward graduation. It is up to the student to take that advice or not.
  • Following each Co-op, the student and the advisor must fill out a Co-op Debriefing Form so we can evaluate the success and failure of the Co-op program.
  • All meetings will be considered confidential unless stated otherwise.