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Physics graduate students during a break

Doctoral Guidelines

The Graduate Program Handbook [PDF] describes the doctoral program in the Physics Department and reflects current information, policies, and procedures for Ph.D. students. It supplements the Graduate Studies Office policies which outline the general university requirements and are available at the Office of Graduate Studies' website.

Qualifying Exams

Becoming a PhD candidate requires the completion of two rounds of qualifying examinations. The first is a written exam usually taken in the fall of the second year of graduate studies covering various aspects of classical and modern physics. The second is an oral exam usually taken at the end of the second year of graduate studies that tests material specific to the student's chosen research area. Below are past versions of the written qualifying exams for reference (Drexel access only).

Procedures and Forms

It's a fact of life that being a graduate student involves paperwork. While paperwork and procedures change regularly, we can provide links to help point you in the right direction when graduating, submitting your thesis, or planning your committee. We also suggest that you peruse the sites listed here for further information that may pertain to you own unique situation.

Graduate Studies Office

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