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Disque Hall Room 919, 32 South 32nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


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Physics Colloquium: The Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery

Thursday, May 1, 2014

3:30 PM-4:30 PM

Joshua Pepper, PhD, assistant professor of physics, Lehigh University


The Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery: The Next Steps in Exoplanet Discovery and Characterization
The past two decades have seen an explosion of discovery of extrasolar planets. We are now assembling a picture of the variety of planetary systems in our galaxy, detecting planets in previously unexpected configurations and types. I will describe the results from recent exoplanet surveys, including NASA's Kepler space mission, and the ways in which our understandings of planet formation and evolution have been revolutionized. I will outline the next steps in exoplanet discovery, including the work of low-cost small telescopes, and the future space missions that will move us toward the direct detection of biomarkers in the atmospheres of habitable exoplanets.

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Associate Professor Gordon Richards