Austen Groener

PhD Candidate

Austen Groener

Office: Disque Hall 808
Phone: 215.895.2786

Website: Personal Website


  • BA in Physics, Hartwick College
  • MS in Physics, Drexel University

Research Interests

Gravitational lensing, galaxy clusters, simulations

Current Research:

The research I am currently conducting hinges around understanding the observed concentration-mass relation of galaxy clusters, as measured by a number of reconstruction techniques. Quantifying this relationship between cluster properties has the potential to give us information regarding the true 3-dimensional structure of the cluster population obtained from 2-dimensional maps on the sky.


Dr. David Goldberg


  • COAS Research Award
  • Teaching Assistant Award (honorable mention)

Extracurricular Activities: 

  • Lynch Observatory - Volunteer
  • Dragon Coders
  • Open Source Python Software Developer (CosmoSim)