Kelly Douglass

PhD Candidate

Office: Disque Hall 808
Phone: 215.895.2786


  • BA in Physics, Cornell University
  • MS in Physics, Drexel University

Research Interests


Current Research

We are looking at different physical characteristics of dwarf galaxies as a function of large-scale environment, to help discern the influence of the environment on galactic evolution. At the moment, I am estimating the gas-phase metallicity of dwarf galaxies; metallicity is a measure of the amount of heavier elements present in a galaxy. In my case, I am looking at the amount of oxygen (ratio of oxygen to hydrogen) in the galaxy. This gives us an idea of the integrated star formation history of the galaxy. We hope to use observations like this to help constrain the evolution of dark matter in the universe......


Dr. Michael Vogeley


  • Teaching Excellence Award - Highly Commended (2012)
  • First Year Graduate Student Award (2012) Teaching Excellence Award (2013)
  • Continuing Teaching Excellence Award (2014)
  • Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award (2014)

Extracurricular Activities

Competitive ballroom dancer and president of Penn Latin & Ballroom Dance