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Friends and alumni play a vital role in our physics program and we are deeply grateful for your support. These contributions are essential to the development of our students. Please consider including the Department of Physics among your annual list of donations. Your tax-deductible donation will be acknowledged with letters from the University.

For further information, to establish a new fund or to create an endowment, please contact Cricket Brosius, Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement, or Steve McMillan, Head of the Department of Physics. Contact information is listed at the bottom of the page.

To donate online, visit the Drexel online gifts' secure page. In the "Special Instructions section", list your gift as "Physics Fund for Excellence, Drexel Physics Dept.", or if you would like your contribution to be directed more specifically, select one of the Physics funds listed below.

Donate by mail: Please contact Cricket Brosius at

Physics Fund for Excellence

This is a general, unrestricted fund administered by the Department Chair. The purpose of this fund is to aid the Department of Physics in its research, student travel to conferences, colloquium expenses, teaching initiatives, and outreach.

Henry S.C. Chen Memorial Award for Physics

Established in memory of Henry S.C. Chen who was a member of the Physics Faculty from 1949 to 1975.This award is given to undergraduate physics majors who demonstrated excellence in their studies.


  • 2015 – Joseph Tomlinson
  • 2014 – Leo Bellefleur and Charles Unruh
  • 2013 – Jeremy Gaison and Brian Goddard
  • 2012 – Michael Jewell and Nicholas Kruczek
  • 2011 – James Monahan and Ryan Wasson
  • 2010 – Sajjan Mehta
  • 2009 – Alyssa Wilson
  • 2008 – Vede Ramdas

Walter R. Coley Fund

This award recognizes outstanding freshman and senior physics majors who have achieved academic excellence.


  • 2015 – Brian Goddard and Marcus Seaman
  • 2014 – Jeremy Gaison and Joseph Tomlinson
  • 2013 – Michael Jewell and Charles Unruh V.
  • 2012 – Matthew Parsons and Ryan Wasson
  • 2011 – Charles Falone and Amanda White
  • 2010 – Eric Carchidi and Vede Ramdass
  • 2009 – Ryan Wasson and Alyssa Wilson
  • 2008 – Sajjan Mehta and Ryan McKeown

Kaczmarczik Lecture Memorial Fund

Prof. Kaczmarczik will be remembered fondly and missed by the Drexel community. The Kaczmarczik Lecture Memorial Fund has been established in recognition of his contributions to the Department of Physics, the students that he taught, the College of Arts and Sciences and the University. The Kaczmarczik Lecture will carry forth Professor Kaczmarczik's legacy in the classroom by bringing to Drexel some of the greatest minds in Physics to inspire our Drexel students as well young scientists from middle and high schools throughout the Philadelphia region to carry on his passion for physics and the sciences for years to come.

Susan and Donald Larson Endowed Scholarship Fund

This award is given to outstanding physics undergraduate students in recognition of achieved academic excellence.


  • 2015 – Matthew Parsons
  • 2013 – Samuel Ciocys
  • 2012 – Akihito Tomida
  • 2011 – Othmane Rifki
  • 2010 – Pubudu Gawaduge
  • 2009 – Charles Marine

Lorenzo M. Narducci Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Professor Narducci's departure represented a great loss for all of us at Drexel University as well as the entire scientific community. He was a man of great enthusiasm, great integrity and harbored a tremendous zest for life. Professor Narducci was an internationally acclaimed scientist with the highest standards toward excellence. To honor his educational passion, and in order to provide an enduring tribute to him, we have established the Lorenzo M. Narducci Endowed Scholarship Fund. This scholarship recognizes undergraduate students who showed initiative and enthusiasm in the study of Physics, and demonstrated academic achievement in Physics research.


  • 2015 – Samuel Ciocys
  • 2013 – Charles Falone
  • 2012 – Wendy Harris
  • 2011 – Sajjan Mehta
  • 2010 – Amanda White
  • 2009 – Andrew Eshelman
  • 2008 – Alyssa Wilson

M. Russell Wehr Physics Award

This award is physics majors who show promise or potential for teaching or for advanced work in the history of science.


  • 2015 – Edward Callghan, Jeremy Gaison, William Giang and Robyn Smith
  • 2014 – Robyn Smith
  • 2013 – Leo Bellefleur, Matthew Parsons, Kevin Proska and Robyn Smith
  • 2012 – Eric Carchidi, Charles Falone, Jeremy Gaison and Brian Goddard
  • 2011 – Gabriella D'Urbano, Michael Jewell, Nicholas Kruczek and Jacob Zettlemoyer
  • 2010 – Wendy Harris, Didier Ndengeyintwali and Ryan Wasson
  • 2009 – Carlos Bahamondes, Mary K Chessey, Pubudu Galwaduge, Mark Kondria, Rory McGurty, Jerome Mlack, Vede Ramdass and Amanda White
  • 2008 - Joseph Angelo, Andrew Eshelman, Daniel McGovern, Ana Petrone, Max Soloff and Alyssa Wilson

For more information, please contact:

Cricket Brosius
Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement