Physics Graduate Student Association

Who We Are

The Drexel Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is a group of Physics Graduate Students at Drexel University. However, we are more than just a random gathering of students. We are a group of students seeking to learn about a variety of areas of physics, including those areas that would normally lie outside our own specialties. Moreover, we are about more than just physics, we discuss topics as varied as getting a job after graduation to how to write grants to just about anything.

What We Do

Each week (or every other week, depending on schedules) typically on Fridays, we gather in Disque Hall to listen to a talk about a subject of interest given by one of our members. People volunteer to give talks on things that they personally find interesting, with the agreement of the rest of the organization. Of course, a free lunch is provided, so there's no reason not to stop by! In the interest of full disclosure, in order to encourage people to give talks on a variety of subjects in a free-wheeling atmosphere, we do discourage faculty attendance at these meetings. Of course, we are usually willing to waive this rule, if the circumstances warrant it.

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Get Involved!

If you're interested in joining in the discussions or presenting a lecture, email us at You can also contact other members of the Association's leadership below.

2013-2014 Leadership

Cindy Lin, President, PGSA

Cindy (Yi-Hsuan) Lin
Research Interest: Nuclear Physics - EXO Collaboration
Fun Fact: She was born in Taiwan and eventually moved to the US where she became a Jersey girl!

Christina Peters, Vice President of the PGSA

Tina Peters
Vice President
Research Interest: Astrophysics - Quasar Classification
Fun Fact: She paid for college by walking very fast.

Erica Smith, Treasurer of the PGSA

Erica Smith
Research Interest: Nuclear Physics - EXO Collaboration
Fun Fact: She plays the violin.