Women in Physics Society (WiPS)

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Welcome to the Women in Physics Society! We’re a group of fun-loving women who are passionate about physics, life, and the various issues faced by women in all fields of science. Our mission is to increase the retention rate of women in the physics department (both majors and minors) by organizing events that provide support, mentoring, education, and community involvement. We strive to create a supportive community that both encourages and motivates women throughout their college experience in the physics department.

Why does this group exist?

Even today, women are still underrepresented in many fields of science, and physics is certainly no exception. In 2005, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) found that women earned approximately 22% of the bachelor’s degrees awarded in physics. While Drexel is below this national average, we’re excited about the progress we’re making and the awesome support of the physics department here! The founding of WiPS in 2011 was a huge step forward, and in 2012, we eagerly welcomed two new female faculty to the department.

What do we do?

We enjoy holding a variety of events and mixing it up each year. Every fall, we host a larger ‘Welcome!’ event to kick off the new school year, and each January we look forward to attending the Northeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (NCUWiP). Our other events include movie nights, game nights, restaurant trips, meet and greets with female physics grad students and faculty, Drexel faculty speakers, and special invited speakers from outside the Drexel community. Check out some of our past events »

Some of our members are also involved in the Society of Physics Students (SPS). Both of our groups greatly value giving back to our local community, and we love showing people how awesome physics is! WiPS often helps to organize and attend SPS’s frequent outreach events. We even collaborate with SPS to design outreach events specifically geared toward encouraging younger girls to pursue their interest in science.

When do we meet?

We’re a smaller organization, so we don’t have regular meetings on a given day of the week. Instead, we strive to hold an official event every 2-3 weeks during academic terms. In reality though, our doors (and email inboxes) are always open!


Robyn Smith, President, WiPS
Robyn Smith
Research Interest: Astrophysics
Fun Fact: She enjoys playing tennis and sailing.

Gabrielle Arnold
Gabrielle Arnold
Vice President
Research Interest: Physical Chemistry
Fun Fact: The puppy her family adopted didn’t bark, so she taught him to bark like Blue’s Clues whenever he wanted to go inside.

Brean Prefontaine
Brean Prefontaine
Research Interest: Astrophysics
Fun Fact: She loves to figure skate.

Daniele Schneider
Event Coordinator
Research Interest: Astrophysics

Want to support WiPS?

There are many ways you can support the Drexel Women in Physics Society. Attend our events, email us, or introduce yourself if you see us on campus. We also have really awesome WiPS t-shirts for sale! They are available in the physics main office (Disque 816) for $10 each, women’s sizes S-XL. Additionally, if you are interested in speaking at one of our events, please contact Robyn Smith.

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