A Message from Dean Dave Jones

 One of the main goals in Drexel’s emerging strategic plan is to extend Drexel’s reach globally. The university wants its curricula and its research operations to have an international dimension. As you’ll see from several of the stories in this issue of The Honor Roll, The Honors College has taken initiatives in globalizing Drexel. Last fall, we sent Dr. Paula Marantz Cohen, Distinguished Professor of English and host of the Drexel InterView (an Honors College program), and a film crew to Beijing to shoot a short documentary film on higher education in China. To advise on the editing, which is in its final stages at present, the College brought Professor Liu Wei, who was the film crew’s main guide and translator, to Drexel for the month of February as a Visiting Scholar. On another front, the College’s Fellowships Office has helped a record 10 Drexel students become finalists for Fulbright Scholarships, all of which involve work abroad. And one of our Custom-Designed major students has been awarded a research co-op involving travel to Japan.

As readers may remember from previous issues of The Honor Roll, we have sent students on travel-integrated courses to Bulgaria (to study emerging democracies) and Shanghai (as part of a course on the history and function of world’s fairs). And we have more such ventures planned. We want to give as many Honors students as possible an opportunity to learn from exposure to overseas cultures.