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Resources for Students and Families

Registering with ODR

Drexel University is committed to providing students who have disabilities with an equal opportunity to fully participate in its courses, Co-Op employment, programs, and activities. Students of Drexel University who have a disability and need accommodations in order to attain equal access must register with the Office of Disability Resources ("ODR"). Registration includes six main components, which are all explained in more detail below.

Requesting Accommodations

Students who are seeking accommodations in education, employment (including Co-Op placements), programs, and activities at Drexel University due to a disability must make a formal request for accommodations with ODR.

Request for Accommodations Form [PDF]

Upon submission of the Request for Accommodations form, the student will be contacted to set up an appointment to discuss the accommodations request with an ODR staff member.

Engaging in the Interactive Process

The student must schedule an appointment to discuss their request with ODR. The interactive process is designed to be acollaborative experience, allowing students to work directly with the ODR staff to discuss the specific impact of their condition, identifying barriers that exist for them in the given environment and determining possible reasonable accommodations that could provide them with equal access.

Submitting Documentation

The student must submit appropriate medical or psycho-educational supporting documentation. The documentation must present an impairment or condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities. The documentation must also be up-to-date, addressing current levels of functioning and the current impact of the impairment or condition in the academic environment.

 Documentation Requirements

Determining Reasonable and Appropriate Accommodations

ODR considers all requests on a case-by-case basis. ODR will make a determination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations based on the request for accommodations, the supporting documentation, the interactive discussion between the student and ODR staff, and the essential learning outcomes of the relevant programs, courses, and activities at Drexel University. ODR strives to make this determination in a timely manner, however the student must follow all prior steps in order for ODR to have the ability to move the process forward.

The request may be denied if the student does not make a request for accommodations through ODR or engage in the interactive process with an ODR staff member. If the documentation submitted does not sufficiently support the requested accommodation, the request may also be denied.

Approved accommodations are intended to minimize the impact of the disability in the given environment while maintaining the academic integrity of the course, program or activity. Should the student be granted reasonable accommodations by ODR, an Accommodation Verification Letter ("AVL") will be issued to the student, specifying the accommodations to which they are entitled for the given academic term.

Receiving and Sharing the Accommodation Verification Letter ("AVL")

All approved accommodations are written into the Accommodation Verification Letter ("AVL") by ODR staff. AVLs are only valid for one academic term (the term is indicated on the AVL above the listing of accommodations). It is the responsibility of the student to submit the AVL to those from whom they wish to receive the accommodations (i.e. faculty, advisor; not ODR). ODR strongly recommends that students share AVLs as soon as reasonably possible to ensure the fullest extent of the benefit of the AVL. When a student has been granted testing accommodations by ODR, the AVL must be given to the faculty member at least 5 days in advance of an upcoming exam or quiz, in order for the student to be guaranteed the accommodation(s). Retroactive accommodations will not be permitted in the event the student has failed to share the AVL in a timely manner.

Updating AVL Each Term

Accommodation Verification Letters ("AVLs") must be updated each academic term. If the student wishes to continue using accommodations in a future term, they must notify ODR as soon as they have scheduled classes for the upcoming term to request an updated AVL.  If no additional accommodations or changes to the AVL are being requested then the letter will be ready for pick-up within 48 business hours.  If the student feels that changes or additions to the AVL may be appropriate they will be invited to schedule an appointment with an ODR Professional to discuss any options that may exist.   In order to avoid any interruption of services, the Request for Accommodations should be submitted to ODR within a reasonable period of time before the student plans to use the accommodation.

For additional information, please contact:

Office of Disability Resources