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Testing Accommodations

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) is committed to maintaining the academic integrity of Drexel University. Students with disabilities who are eligible for exam/quiz accommodations, have the ability to make administration arrangements through the faculty member of the course or at ODR.  Currently ODR offers a courtesy Alternative Testing Center on our Main University City Campus which is available to proctor Main Campus exams, we also offer a courtesy Alternative Testing Center on our Center City Hahnemann Campus which is available to proctor Center City exams.  Both of these Alternative Testing Centers are open from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays.  If students are taking exams/quizzes at ODR, students need to make prior arrangements with professors in order to seek clarification during the administration. Students are not allowed to leave the administration once the exam/quiz has started at ODR.

Students who seek to take exams/quizzes at ODR need to have the Test Proctoring Form returned to ODR, at least five (5) business days prior to the administration of the exam/quiz. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the student portion of the form, to ensure the form is completed by the faculty, and is submitted to ODR in a timely manner. If the form is not returned within this timeframe, ODR can not guarantee administration of an exam/quiz can occur in ODR. If the form is not returned, students will need to make arrangements with the faculty member of the course to take the exam/quiz with accommodations. By completing the Test Proctoring Form, students are certifying they are approved to use the accommodations listed on the Test Proctoring Form.

  • Test Proctoring Form - Center City [PDF]
  • Test Proctoring Form - University City [PDF]

Exam/Quiz Administration

When students take exams in the Office of Disability Resources (ODR), there are policies and procedures which must be followed. The intent of having exams/quizzes administered at ODR is to allow the use of accommodations, while replicating the classroom structure.

  1. Unless noted by the faculty member on the Test Proctoring Form, or as an approved accommodation, no academic or personal items are allowed during the exam administration. All student materials, including cell phones, will be held at ODR during the administration. Cell phones must be turned off and cannot be used during the administration.
  2. Students suspected of cheating, will be reported to the faculty member of the course. Action will be taken in accordance with the University's judicial policies and procedures.
  3. All students are expected to arrive on time, as the starting time of the exam begins at the scheduled time on the Test Proctoring Form. If students arrive at a later time, the amount of time will not be extended beyond that of what was originally scheduled. If students wish to reschedule exams/quizzes, all requests need to be approved by the faculty member of the course. If a student chooses to request to reschedule an exam due to late arrival, the faculty member of the course may not allow the exam/quiz to be taken at another time. If this occurs, Drexel University's polices and procedures will be applied, as the administration of exams/quizzes for all students.  Any student who arrives 30 minutes or more after their scheduled start time will not be allowed to test without additional permission from their professor in order to ensure the academic integrity of the exam.
  4. In instances where students are allowed to take breaks, as a reasonable accommodation, students are not allowed to leave ODR or access personal belongings including cell phones. Unless otherwise noted on the accommodation verification letter (AVL), time allotments for breaks will be factored into the maximum amount of time allowed for the exam/quiz. Maximum amounts of time will be listed on the AVL, if applicable.