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How do I know what accommodations a student is approved to receive?

In order to use any in-class accommodations it is the student's responsibility to provide each professors and TA with a copy of their current Accommodation Verification Letter (AVL) within a reasonable amount of time before the accommodation is to be used. All the student's approved accommodations are listed in the AVL.

What should I do if a student requests an accommodation that is not listed on their Accommodation Verification Letter?

Only accommodations listed on the AVL should be provided. Students requesting an accommodation not listed on the AVL should be directed to ODR and the accommodation should not be provided without ODR approval.

What should I do if I am not able to provide an accommodation listed on the Accommodation Verification Letter?

It is the responsibility of Drexel University to ensure that all approved accommodations are provided for students with disabilities. In the event that you are unable to provide an approved accommodation listed on the AVL, please contact ODR immediately at or 215-895-1401 to discuss any available options.

What should I do if I feel an accommodation listed on the Accommodation Verification Letter is unreasonable?

While ODR attempts to determine accommodations that both assist the student in managing their disability and do not alter the essential learning outcomes of a course or program, there are times when an approved accommodation may not be appropriate. If you feel this is the case please begin providing the accommodation as listed in the AVL and connect ODR immediately at or 215-895-1401.

What should I do if a student discloses to me that they have a disability?

While information regarding a student's specific disability is kept confidential within ODR, the student has the right to disclose this information to whomever they choose. In the event that a student discloses to you, let them lead the conversation. If the student is expressing concerns based on their disability please refer them to ODR.

Any information regarding a disability that student discloses to you should be kept confidential.

What can I ask the student regarding their disability?

Information regarding a student's disability is confidential and they are not required to disclose. It would therefore be inappropriate to ask specific questions about diagnosis or impairment.

Instead of asking about the specific disability, ODR recommends that conversation center around the essential learning outcomes/expectations of a course or program and how that relates to the student's performance.

When should I refer a student to the Office of Disability Services?

Students should be referred to ODR if they already have an AVL and are experiencing difficulties associated with their disability or if they disclose a disability and are requesting services. It may also be appropriate to refer a student to a variety of helpful offices on campus, potentially including ODR, when they are experiencing significant academic or personal issues.

How can I appropriately refer a student to the Office of Disability Services?

Students at any university may struggle academically for a number of reasons and can therefore benefit from the services offered by a variety of on-campus offices. If a student who has not disclosed that they have a disability is struggling and you feel they may benefit from services offered through ODR, we suggest a conversation as follows:

Ask the student if they are connected to any offices on campus. If they are not, provide them information for the Drexel Learning Center, Counseling Center, Office of Disability Resources, Writing Center, etc. This allows the student to seek services if they choose while maintaining their confidentiality.

If a student with a disability expresses concern about their housing or meal plan, where should they be referred?

Students with disabilities who have concerns related to their housing or meal plan should be referred to the Office of Disability Resources at or 215-895-1401. ODS is the only entity on campus with the authority to determine if/when accommodations are necessary.

Are students with disabilities eligible for accommodations on Co-Op or Clinicals?

Yes! While different than accommodations received in on-campus environments, appropriate accommodations for the work or clinical environment are available. Any student who feels they may qualify for such accommodations should contact ODR at 215-895-1401 or