Graduate Student Profiles 2014

DrexelNow is committed to telling the stories of the University's graduate student population. Below are profiles of just a few grad students and their unique projects and sometimes surprising backgrounds. If you would like to receive the monthly DrexelNow email designed specifically for graduate students, subscribe here.

January 2014: Veronica Marché Miller
Veronica Marché Miller originally made her collection of holiday cards, "Fabulous Brown Girls," to give to family and friends. Now they're being sold on racks around the country.

February 2014: Lindsey Crane
The arts brought Lindsay Crane to Philadelphia, and she believes they can bring other people, too. That's why her master's thesis proposed a city sales tax to fund them.

March 2014: Selena Lin
Selena Lin wanted to show children the future consequences of their health habits. Enter Bob, a young time traveler.

April 2014: Marina Gershkovich
Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. But only one in five people who have the condition actually receives treatment for it. Marina Gershkovich may have a solution to that problem.

May 2014: Mohammad Nozari
Mohammad Nozari's days are filled with things just about any graduate student is familiar with: Classes. Research. Teaching. But there are other things, too: a wife, a daughter and a commute from the suburbs.

June 2014: Josa Hanzlik
Josa Hanzlik spends her days looking at images of human tibia bones, or reading articles about bone ingrowth and orthopedic implants. Those are things she could do in Philadelphia. But instead she's doing them in the Netherlands, and she says she's better for it.

July 2014: Kaila Taylor
Countless posters and fliers cover bulletin boards across Drexel's campus. Kaila Taylor admits she rarely glances at the board in her department. But one day she did, and it led to a life-changing experience.

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