Special Tai Chi Series Coming in May

Tai Chi class

A Healthier U and the Drexel Meditation Group have teamed up to offer a tai chi qigong class series on Wednesdays in May. These simple, flowing movements can be described as “meditation in motion.” They do not require any special clothing or attire, and they can be practiced in short intervals in order to improve clarity, concentration, and relaxation.

In addition to reducing mental stress and physical tension, these gentle movements massage the internal organs, move the major joints and increase energy, agility and flexibility. These movements are suitable for anyone regardless of age or ability and can be done sitting or standing. 

The class instructor, Ralph Quinn, is certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute to teach a variety of sets and styles of tai chi and qigong. Ralph has taught tai chi safely to people of all ages, drawing on his practice of the Yang-style tai chi form of Cheng Man-ch’ing for more than 40 years.  

Learning a few basic tai chi qigong movements is a great way to help manage stress and conflict. These beautiful, flowing exercises follow the tai chi principles of bringing about deep relaxation and physical benefits, which is why they have become one of the most practiced qigong (“energy-work”) sets around the world. 

For those interested in learning more about stress management and the benefits of meditation, the Drexel Meditation Group meets weekly on Thursdays on the second floor of the James E. Marks Intercultural Center, from 12:30-1 p.m. No prior experience with meditation is required to attend, and the group is open to all faculty, professional staff and students. Contact Monica Fauble or Ahaji Schreffler ( or for more information on the Drexel Meditation Group or about this special tai chi qigong workshop series.