Dell Becomes Drexel's Primary PC Hardware Provider

A message to Drexel faculty and professional staff:

The University has chosen Dell as its primary source for Windows-based computers. This decision is the result of an effort to improve computing equipment, simplify the ordering process and lower acquisition costs. Dell is offering the best overall pricing on a range of models to satisfy the computing needs of most of the University community as well as an increased level of customer service.

A new Dell Premier website has been established to accept orders under the new agreement. To access the Dell Premier website, visit the DrexelOne portal, click on the “DREXEL” tab and choose the “Dell Premier Store” link under Hardware Software. To view computer selections available, visit the Office of Procurement Services webpage and click on Standard Computer Configurations.

All University hardware needs that can reasonably be met through this contract are to be purchased through this new Dell agreement. Faculty and professional staff who require Apple Mac computers will still be able to make such purchases.  

The Dell agreement is an outcome of the Strategic Transformation of Administrative Resources Initiative (STAR) and was vetted thoroughly by a committee representing key stakeholders including central and local IT managers within the University community. Their charge, after reviewing the needs of faculty and staff they support, was to define standardized configurations while ensuring enough flexibility within those standards, to best meet the needs for Drexel’s academic, administrative and research computing. The committee will meet every six months to review changes in technology to ensure that updated standards are established.

If, after reviewing the standards, you need to purchase any Dell desktop or laptop computers outside of the guidelines, please correspond with your department’s IT consultant or Drexel’s Dell sales representatives, Frank Plemons at 215-513-9016 or or Troy Gallo at Questions regarding this program can be directed to  

Thank you,

Stephen G. Mack, associate vice president, Procurement Services

Kenneth S. Blackney, associate vice president, Information Resources and Technology