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Top 5 Reasons to Love Drexel’s Quarter System

January 16, 2013

Gayatri Kamath

As a soon-to-be-graduating senior, I have had my fair share of Drexel's quarter system.  When I started as a freshman, it was kind of scary knowing that each of my classes would be jammed into 10-week session.  How would I ever be able to absorb all that material in such a short amount of time?  Looking back, I realize that I was afraid for no reason. 

The quarter system at Drexel is so much better than a semester system in a number of ways. Here are the top 5 reasons:

More flexibility for scheduling classes

The quarter system gives you more flexibility when it comes to scheduling classes, because there are more than just two semesters in the school year. You get a chance to take a larger variety of classes and even a chance to take on multiple majors or minors. This gives you opportunities to boost your GPA if you did poorly the previous quarter. For example, I changed the concentration of my business major many times.  Now I have finally settled on a concentration in marketing and management information systems, with a minor in communication.  All that and I am still able to graduate on time.

Practice grounds to hone your time management skills

The fast pace of the quarter system helps you develop time management skills.  Even if you are only taking 15 or 16 credits, which is about four classes, all the projects, tests, quizzes and papers are squeezed into 10 weeks.  While this can be pretty hectic and mind-boggling at times, it really pays off after a while.  By your third (sometimes fourth) year, it's almost guaranteed that your whole life is more organized than when you first started at Drexel.  This helps tremendously when you start your co-op experiences.  You get so used to the fast-paced environment of Drexel that when you get into the working world, it really isn't so bad.  In addition, there won't be any awkward transition into the working world because that, too, operates on the quarter system.  By the time you graduate, keeping yourself organized and time-mindful will be almost second nature.

Easier to stay motivated

Since each quarter is only 10 short weeks, it is easier to stay motivated compared to going for a full 15-week regular semester.  In a regular semester system, everything is much more dragged out and it can be hard to stay motivated.  In the quarter system, you are usually busy enough that by the time you realize it, it's already week 8.  At that point you only have two more weeks and a few final exams until you're finished.  In a semester system, you would still have another seven grueling weeks left.  In the quarter system, you are already having midterm exams by the fourth or fifth week, and final exams and presentations a few weeks later.  This way, the material that you learn in class is still fresh in your head and it's easier to stay on track throughout the term instead of having lapses in between learning and studying.

Don't like a class, no problem! It's only 10 weeks

A class that you don't like will just fly by because of the quarter system.  During your college career, you may not always like some of the classes that you are required to complete in order to get your degree.  This can sometimes put a damper on the whole college experience.  Luckily, in the quarter system you will only have to put up with these classes for 10 weeks, instead of 15.  Even better, some of those undesirable classes may be offered as a hybrid or fully online class so you can spend even less time trying to make it through class.

No homework or projects during spring break

Since the winter quarter ends in March, you don't have homework, projects or anything school-related to do during your well-deserved spring break.  Since all semester system schools simply go on pause for spring break and then resume afterward, many students find themselves working on homework and projects during the break instead of having fun.  In the quarter system, you can spend your spring break doing whatever you want.  Many students take this time to go home and see their families, just chill out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, or take an awesome 10-day vacation.

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