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The DrexelNow online publication and its weekly email component are two great new ways to share news with the entire University community.

Send submissions to to be considered for publication. Submissions may not be published immediately nor are they guaranteed for publication. News items in the DrexelNow email are selected at the discretion of the editor. Submissions will be subject to editing for content and length.

Only stories about or related to Drexel University will be considered.

Submissions appear in one or a combination of the following:


DrexelNow website

Submissions accepted anytime. Website updated daily

DrexelNow email

Fridays, 12 Noon for following Tuesday publication

Types of Content


Features are engaging stories that are roughly 300 words or more in length. Stories of University-wide appeal are preferred. Browse DrexelNow's Features page to see what is considered a feature story.


Announcements are shorter pieces of content (100-300 words) calling attention to a particular topic. Announcements are found on the audience-specific "Your News" pages of DrexelNow. Announcements also include Drexel Special Mail messages sent by University departments.


Advertise events through the University Events Calendar at To request an event to be a "featured" event on the calendar's home page, choose "Main Feature" or "Featured" when choosing the categories for the event.