Frequently Asked Questions




Who is my advisor?

All freshmen, sophomore, and entering transfers’ (all engineering majors) are seen by the advisors located in the College of Engineering's Undergraduate Advising Center located in 155 Crossings. Phone: 215.895.2211.

All Pre-juniors, juniors, and seniors are seen by the advisors located in the Mechanical Engineering Department located in Randell Hall, Room115. Phone: 215.895.2352. See Advisor Directory

Can I take a term off from school and return?

Students use the Leave of Absence form to formally request a leave of absence for less than one academic year (four consecutive terms). Students seeking to leave the institution for more than four consecutive terms should use the Withdrawal form.


Students must indicate the appropriate reason for their request. These students seeking a leave of absence must list both the term and year that they anticipate returning to the institution.


Students must then meet with their academic advisor to inform the advisor of their decision to leave the institution and obtain their signature. International students are required to inform a representative of the International Students and Scholars Services of their decision to leave the institution and secure a signature.


Students must finally meet with a student resource center representative to discuss the financial aid and billing implications of leaving the university. The Leave of Absence form with appropriate signatures must then be submitted to the Student Resource Center for processing.

What happens if I have several final exams scheduled on the same day?

Students may occasionally have three or more exams in one day. If this is the case, students may request relief by having special examinations assigned according to the following policy. This request may be made to the Provost's Office at least three days before the examination date.

To request relief, please download the appeal form and submit it to the Office of the Provost in Main 308 at least three (3) days before the examination(s) in conflict are scheduled.


Where do I get a term schedule and a catalog?

Learn about which classes are being offered and when they meet here: Term Master Schedule. Requirements for your major and sample plans of study are available here: University Catalog.

When do I register for classes?

Registration (via DrexelOne) usually begins during weeks six through nine for the following term. You are assigned a time ticket based on the number of credits you have completed. Don't wait until the morning of registration to discover you have a problem.

Registration time tickets indicate the specific days and times you can register for classes via DrexelOne. Your time ticket is based on your student classification (junior, senior, etc.) as determined by the number of credits you have earned.

The Office of the University Registrar maintains time ticket information. Please visit their website to view upcoming schedules: Time Tickets for Upcoming Terms  


Where can I find out what courses fulfill General Education Requirements?

To obtain the list of courses that fulfill the General Education Requirements, please visit the College of Engineering General Education Requirements.

When and how do I declare my major?

  1. Initiate contact with an academic advisor. If you intend to change your major within the College of Engineering, you will meet with your current academic advisor to start this process. If you intend to change your major outside of the College of Engineering, you should meet with the academic advisor for your intended major. All Drexel academic advisors can be found here: See Advisor Directory. During this meeting, you and your academic advisor will identify your intended major, outline plan of study changes (if any), and discuss the change process.
  2. Following the meeting, your academic advisor will submit a Change of Curriculum and Status form to be electronically signed by all necessary Drexel offices (SCDC, ISSS, SRC, etc.).
  3. Once the form has been finalized, your academic advisor will contact you with further instructions:
  4. Some offices may request a consultation with you to discuss implications of your decision, or you may need to simply complete the process by going to the Student Resource Center (Main Building, Second Floor) to sign off on the final paperwork.
  5. Once you have signed the form, it will be processed by the Student Resource Center. Please be advised that only forms initiated within the first two weeks of each academic term will be processed during the same term. All others will be processed the following term.


  • This process is also used to change your co-op program (4-year or 5-year), declare an additional major, declare a concentration (Game Design or Biochemical) or change your status from full-time to part-time or vice versa.
  • This process is time-sensitive and must be completed with two weeks of initiation or the process will have to be started over again.  It is very important for your check your email frequently for next steps.
  • Your admission into a program outside the College of Engineering is solely at the discretion of the program you wish to enter.

How do I choose a major?

In order to assist Drexel students with selecting majors and setting appropriate educational and career goals, the Steinbright Career Development Center offers individual career counseling appointments. As part of the career counseling process, career assessments are also available. The purpose of the assessments and subsequent interpretation is to help students:

  • clarify their interests as they relate to majors and career choices
  • understand how certain personality factors affect career decision making and selection
  • identify their motivators and preferences in order to make a better match between personalities and work settings

Schedule an appointment with a career counselor by calling Steinbright at 215-895-2185.

When do students begin graduate courses in the BS/MS program?

Typically, pre-juniors enroll for one graduate course per term. See BS/BS Dual Degree Program


What can I do if I am in a class that is over my head?

Talk with your instructor. New and unfamiliar material can feel intimidating for anyone. Study hard, immerse yourself in the subject, and then assess with your instructor’s help whether you really are in over your head.


Consider seeking educational supports that are available on campus, such as tutoring through the If you are looking for developmental support in one or more of your courses; we encourage you to speak with your faculty and/or teaching assistant. Tutoring is managed by the academic departments. Organized support currently exists in each of the following content areas: Engineering: Drop-in support for select ENGR courses is available through the Academic Center for Engineers (ACE).

When is the deadline to drop or withdraw from class(es)?

The first two (2) weeks of the term is the deadline to drop a course. The first day of Week three (3) to the last Friday in Week seven (7) Students is the deadline to withdraw from a course (s).

 Students who have received federal financial aid or loans (Work Study, Perkins, PLUS and Stafford Loans) may be impacted by the decision to withdraw from the institution. The federal government requires that students who receive aid or loans make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Please refer to for more information.

Students are strongly encouraged to confer with their financial aid representatives to determine if SAP is met prior to withdrawal from the University.

How do I drop my classes?

This Add/Drop/Withdraw Form  must have the signature of the student’s academic advisor in order to be processed. Students seeking to drop a course must have their advisor indicate such by writing a ‘D’ in the column marked ‘D/W’ next to the corresponding.


How do I calculate my GPA?

Access the GPA calculator by visiting Online Academic Tools. The GPA calculator enables students to predict their GPA based on past, current, or future term performance. Students can use this tool to calculate the GPA they must earn in the current term to achieve their ideal grade point average (GPA). To access the calculator, click here.

Students who have questions regarding their academic progress should contact their academic advisors for assistance, See Advisor Directory.

Where do I find out all of the courses I need for a Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree?

See Sample Plan of Study for Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics course requirements.

I tried to register for a course, but the system won't allow it. What do I do?

Any number of issues could trigger a schedule block. You may not have all of the prerequisites for the course, or you took the prerequisite under a number not identifiable by the Banner system, or you transferred in the prerequisite. Please see the Undergraduate Advisor in the Mechanical Engineering Department for resolution to this problem.

Policy on Repeating Courses and Incompletes

What is the policy on repeating courses?

Please refer to the Office of the Provost Academic Polices: Repeating Courses

What does an “I” grade mean on my transcript?

At the discretion of an instructor, the grade of "INC" (Incomplete) may be reported in place of a letter grade for any course in which the instructor deems that the work has not been completed and that the student can complete the work within an agreed upon time (which must be in accordance with University policy and the statute of limitations governing grade changes). Please refer to the Office of the Provost Academic Policies: Grade of Incomplete (INC)

How long do I have to complete an Incomplete?

Students are given one year from the time a final grade is assigned to contest a course grade. Please refer to the Office of the Provost Academic Polices: Statute Of Limitations Governing Grade Changes or Academic Record.

Academic Status

What is Academic Dismissal?

An undergraduate student will be dismissed from the University when his/her term GPA falls below the 2.00 standard for three (3) consecutive terms. Please refer to the Office of the Provost Academic Polices: Undergraduate Academic Standing and Probation Policy Dismissed.

What is Academic Probation?

An undergraduate student will be placed on academic probation when either the term or cumulative GPA falls below 2.00. Students on probation must meet with their academic advisor to develop a written academic plan and establish GPA goals. Please refer to the Office of the Provost Academic Polices: Undergraduate Academic Standing and Probation Policy Academic Probation.


How do I apply for graduation?

In order to be considered a degree candidate, you must have an Application for Degree form filed via DrexelOne by the deadline for the term in which you intend to graduate.

 For further information, review the Graduation Requirements policy on the Academic Policies website.

Students who have not completed their requirements by the end of their final spring term may be eligible to attend the commencement ceremony.

What is the GPA needed to graduate with honors?

Graduation Honors will be calculated at the end of each term in the academic year so that the students graduating in any term may have their Honors placed on their transcript at the end of the term in which they complete their degree requirements.

The GPA used to determine honors is based upon the student's entire academic career at Drexel University. Transfer students must have a minimum of 75 credits at Drexel University. GPA requirements for honors by categories are:

  • Cum Laude 3.500-3.699
  • Magna Cum Laude 3.700-3.899
  • Summa Cum Laude 3.900-4.000

Review the Calculation of Honors policy on the Academic Policies website. Students in the Pennoni Honors College may be eligible to graduate with distinction. Please see Graduation on the Pennoni Honors College website for more information.

Can I "walk" at graduation if I lack a few credits?

A student who wishes to attend the commencement ceremony held at the end of the spring term, but who will not have completed all degree requirements by that time, must meet the following criteria to be eligible to be considered a "walkthrough."

You must have the Application to Participate in Commencement Activities form [PDF] signed by your collegiate advisor, who will verify that you have met the Walkthrough Criteria.

Other Questions

Can I attend another school while a registered student here on campus?

Yes. A few Mechanical Engineering courses and some liberal studies requirements may be fulfilled at other colleges and transferred into Drexel and would be counted toward your degree. Please see the Undergraduate Advising Center in 155 Crossings to complete the necessary forms.

Can I cancel part of my co-op experience to travel abroad?

All Co-op concerns and questions should begin with the Co-op Coordinators, who will advise you of the requirements and possible alternatives. They can be reached at 215.895.2185 or in Room 250 at 3201 Arch Street.