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Hisham Abdel-Aal
Associate Teaching Professor

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Curtis 151L

Bio-tribology; biomimetics and bio-inspired design; high speed machining; metrology of biological surfaces; mechano-biology-thermodynamics

Jonathan Awerbuch

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Curtis 151D

Fracture and fatigue in aircraft structures; failure and damage in composites, impact and wave propagation, acoustic emission.

Nicholas P. Cernansky
Frederic O. Hess Chair Professor of Combustion

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Curtis 151B

Combustion and combustion chemistry; air pollution control; propulsion systems; environmental health; alternative and synthetic fuels; energy and resource utilization.

Bor-Chin Chang

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Alumni Engineering Labs 172C

Computer-aided design of multivariable control systems; robust and optimal control systems.

Young Cho

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Curtis 157

Physical water treatment, plasma discharge in liquids, blood viscosity, fouling Prevention

Bakhtier Farouk
J. Harland Billings Professor

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Alumni Engineering Labs 170D

Heat transfer; combustion; numerical methods; turbulence modeling; materials processing.

Alexander Fridman
John A. Nyheim Chair Professor; Director, Drexel Plasma Institute

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Curtis 151C

Plasma science and technology; pollutant mitigation; super-adiabatic combustion; nanotechnology and manufacturing.

Li-Hsin Han
Assistant Professor

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Curtis 159

Polymeric micro/nano-fabrication, biomaterial design, tissue engineering, rapid prototyping, free-form fabrication, polymer microactuators, photonics.

Andrei Jablokow
Associate Teaching Professor

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Randell 115F

Engineering mechanics; kinematics.

Antonios Kontsos
Associate Professor

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Alumni Engineering Labs 172A

Theoretical , experimental & computational mechanics; nondestructive testing; material multiscale modeling, fatigue and fracture.

E. Caglan Kumbur
Associate Professor

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Curtis 160

Electrochemical energy conversion and storage: fuel cells, flow batteries, electrochemical flow capacitors, transport phenomena, microstructure characterization, system design and diagnostics.

Harry G. Kwatny
S. Herbert Raynes Professor

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Curtis 151A

Dynamic systems analysis; stochastic optimal control; control of electric power plants and systems.

John M. Lacontora
Associate Research Professor

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Curtis 151G

Manned and unmanned vehicle systems; intelligent maintenance systems; project management; product development; innovation practices; and systems engineering.

Leslie Lamberson
P.C. Chou Assistant Professor

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Alumni Engineering Labs 170B

Dynamic behavior of materials; dynamic fracture; impact damage mechanics; ballistics; multifunctional materials.

Alan C.W. Lau

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Curtis 155B

Damage and damage tolerance in biological tissues and engineering materials; deformation and fracture in nano-devices and macroscopic structures; structural integrity and structural health monitoring; health-care inspired engineering; computational simulation.

Matthew McCarthy
Associate Professor; Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs

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Randell 115

Multiscale thermofluidics; biotemplated nanofabrication and scalable nanomanufacturing; micro/nano-scale structures for enhancing phase change heat transfer; nanoscale transport and separations.

David Miller
Department Head, Professor

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Curtis 115

Gas-phase reaction kinetics; thermodynamics; incineration of hazardous municipal and infectious wastes.

Alisa Morss Clyne
Associate Professor

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Alumni Engineering Labs 170C

Cardiovascular biomechanics; tissue engineering; drug delivery; angiogenesis in diabetes.

Ahmad R. Najafi
Assistant Professor

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Curtis 158

Multiscale Computational Solid Mechanics, Design Optimization, Fracture Mechanics, Mechanics of Biological Composites and Biomaterials, Bone Biomechanics and Bone Fracture, Computational Biology and Biophysics

Hongseok (Moses) Noh
Associate Professor

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Science Center
3701 Market St.

MEMS; mioMEMS; lab-on-a-chip; microfabrication; microfluidics

Sorin Siegler

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Alumni Engineering Labs 171A

Orthopedic biomechanics; robotics; dynamics and control of human motion; applied mechanics.

Wei Sun
Albert Soffa Chair Professor

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Randell 121Q

Computer-aided tissue engineering; solid freeform fabrication; CAD/CAM; design and modeling of nanodevices.

Ying Sun
Associate Professor

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Curtis 151I

Multiphase flows and heat/mass transport at micro/nanoscale; printable electronics and photovoltaics; phase transformation and pattern formation; multi-scale modelling in electrochemical systems; colloidal suspension and self assembly

Tein-Min Tan
Associate Professor

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Curtis 155C

Mechanics of composites; computational mechanics and finite-elements methods; structural dynamics.

James Tangorra
Associate Professor

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Alumni Engineering Labs 172E

Analysis of human and (other) animal physiological systems; head-neck dynamics and control; balance, vision, and the vestibular system; animal swimming and flight; robotics; system identification; bio-inspired design.

Ajmal Yousuff
Associate Professor

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Alumni Engineering Labs 172B

Dynamics and Control; control of aerospace vehicles; control-structure interaction; morphing air-vehicles.

Jack G. Zhou

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Alumni Engineering Labs 171B

CAD/CAM; computer integrated manufacturing systems; rapid prototyping; system dynamics and automatic control.