William Regli

William Regli

Phone: 215-895-0545
Website: William C. Regli


Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Engineering Informatics, Product Data Management and Engineering Design


Affiiliated through the Department of Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering and College of Information Science and Technology, William Regli is a Professor of Computer and Information Science at Drexel University. Dr. Regli holds a joint appointment (at the time of this writing, one of only 4 across Drexel University) with Drexel's College of Information Science and Technology (IST) and the Drexel College of Engineering (CoE).

In addition, he serves in the role of Associate Dean for Contract Research for IST and holds departmental appointments in the iSchool (IST), Computer Science (CoE), Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (CoE) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (CoE). From 2007-2010 Regli was Senior Science Adviser to the National Institute of Justice's Communications Technologies Center of Excellence. He is currently (2010) a Senior Scientific Adviser to the US Department of Energy in areas of information technology for design, manufacturing, production and digital engineering knowledge stewardship.

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