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Wei Teresa Hsu

Wei Teresa Hsu, MD, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Department: Dermatology

Practices: Drexel Dermatology

Specialties: Dermatology, Minimally Invasive Surgery


  • MD - Hahnemann University Hospital
  • PhD in Genetics - University of Pennsylvania
  • Plant Pathology - National Taiwan University, Taipei
  • MS in Biology, Clark University

Other Languages Spoken

Chinese (Mandarin)

Dr. Hsu is a board-certified physician with the American Board of Dermatology. She specializes in dermatology, specifically preventive skin care and skin cancer, and dermatologic surgery.

Clinical Services

Skin cancer, Minimally invasive surgery, Dermatology - general, Dermatologic surgery


  • Hahnemann University Hospital


  • Internal Medicine - Lankenau Hospital

Dr. Hsu is a clinical associate professor in the Department of Dermatology.


Selected Publications

"Rash that appeared after tattoo"
W.T. Hsu, K. Jones and J.P. Peck
Submitted for publication. Am Fam Physician (July 2010)

"Lymphomatoid Drug Reaction Secondary to Methylphenidate Hydrochloride"
J.P. Welsh, C. Ko and W.T. Hsu
Cutis, 81:61-64 (2008)

"Erythema Multiforme"
M.R. Lamoreux, M.R. Sternbach and W.T. Hsu
Am Fam Physician, 74: 1883-8 (2006)

"Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma with Porokeratosis-like Lesions"
W.T. Hsu, M.B. Toporcer, G.R. Kantor, E.C. Vonderheid and M.E. Kadin
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 27:327-330 (1992)

"Actinic Reticuloid, Self-assessment"
W.T. Hsu and G.R. Kantor
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (1991)

"Disseminated Candidiasis, Self-assessment"
W.T. Hsu and G.R. Kantor
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (1991)

"Pyogenic Granuloma, Dermatological Quiz"
W.T. Hsu
Resident and Staff Physician (August 1991)

"Effect of Aphidicolin on Avian Sarcoma Virus Replication"
W.T. Hsu and J.M. Taylor
Journal of Virology, 44: 493-498 (1982)

"Single-Stranded Regions on Unintegrated Avian Retrovirus DNA"
W.T. Hsu and J.M. Taylor
Journal of Virology, 44:47-53 (1982)

"Alteration in the Genomes of Avian Sarcoma Viruses"
W.S. Mason, M. Linial, W.T. Hsu, R.N. Eisenman, J. Townsend, G.E. Mark, G. Seal, C. Aldrich and J.M. Taylor
Virology 117: 456-474 (1982)

"Tandem Duplication of the proviral DNA in an Avian Sarcoma Virus-Transformed Quail Clone"
W.T. Hsu, J.M. Taylor, C. Aldrich, J.B. Townsend, G. Seal and W.S. Mason
Journal of Virology, 38:219-223 (1981)

"Synthesis and Integration Of Avian Sarcoma Virus DNA"
J.M. Taylor, W.T. Hsu, C. Yeater and W.S. Mason
Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, Vol XLIV: 1091-1096 (1981)

"Acian RNA Tumor Virus DNA Before and After Integration into the Host Genome"
J.M. Taylor, W.S. Mason, W.T. Hsu, J.L. Sabran, C. Yeater, G.E. Mark, A. Kaji, R.V. Guntaka and M.M. Lais
Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, Vol XLIII: 1091-1096 (1981)

"Reverse Transcription of Avian Sarcoma Virus RNA into DNA might involve copying of the RNA Primer"
W.T. Hsu and J.M. Taylor
Journal of Virology,: 531-534 (1980)

"Avian Sarcoma Virus-Transformed Quail Clones Defective in the production of Focus-Forming Virus
W.S. Mason, W.T. Hsu, C. Yeater, J. Sabran, G.E. Mark, A. Kaji and J.M. Taylor
Journal of Virology, 30: 132-140 (1979)

"Analysis of Integrated Avian RNA Tumor Virus DNA in Transformed Chicken, Duck, and Quail Fibroblasts"
J.L. Sabran, W.T. Hsu, C. Yeater, A. Kaji, W.S. Mason and J.M. Taylor
Journal of Virology, 29: 170-178 (1979)

"Specific Nuclease on the Double-Stranded Circular DNA Intermediates of an Avian RNA Tumor Virus"
W.T. Hsu, R.V. Guntake and J.M. Taylor
Journal of Virology, 28: 810-818 (1978)

"Restriction Enzyme Sites on the Avian RNA Tumor Virus Genome"
J.M. Taylor, W.T. Hsu and M.M. Lai
Journal of Virology, 26: 479-484 (1978)

"The Activities of Some Lysosomal Hydrolases in the Development of the Cement Gland in Xenopus Laevis"
W.T. Hsu and T.A. Lyerla
Journal of Experimental Zoology, 199: 25-32 (1977)

"Aquatic Phycomyces of Taiwan Bot Bull"
W.T. Hsu, T.S. Chiou and H.S. Chang
Academia Sinica 16: 159-176 (1975)

Contact Information

Practice Office

Drexel Dermatology
10 Shurs Lane
Jamestown Street Entrance
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Phone: 215.762.5550
Fax: 215.762.5570

Practice Office

Drexel Dermatology
219 N. Broad Street
The Arnold T. Berman, MD Building, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215.762.5550
Fax: 215.762.5570