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Vitaliy Marchenko

Vitaliy Marchenko, MD, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Department: Neurobiology & Anatomy


  • PhD in Biology and Medicine - Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of Ukraine Academy of Science (1997)
  • MD - Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute (1982)

Dr. Marchenko is a research assistant professor in the Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy at Drexel University College of Medicine.

Research Overview

Research interests:

  • Neural control of cardiovascular and respiratory function
  • Synchronous oscillations in motor neuron pools
  • Optical imaging of electrical activity of respiratory and cardiovascular bulbospinal networks
  • Spike train encoding and decoding

Research Interests

Neural control of cardiovascular and respiratory function


Dr. Marchenko spent a number of years in clinical practice as general surgeon and later as neurosurgeon in emergency hospital services in Ukraine. His PhD thesis was devoted to central mechanisms of respiratory rhythm generation.

After obtaining his PhD, he held research positions at Albert Enstein College of Medicine in Bronx, N.Y. (1997-1998), New Jersey Medical School (1998-2000), University of Pennsylvania (2000-2003), the University of Delaware (2003-2008), and the Daniel Baugh Institute for Functional Genomics and Computational Biology in Philadelphia (2008-2009).

Dr. Marchenko's research goals are focused mainly on central mechanisms of cardiorespiratory and locomotor network plasticity and reconfiguration during transition from normal breathing to gasping under deep anoxia. By using experimental approaches such as in vivo and in situ electrophysiology, functional optical imaging, microinjection techniques and application of information theory, he seeks to understand how different type of neuronal cells, neurotransmitters and second-messenger intracellular systems  are involved  in changing of sensory information processing from peripheral (respiratory and cardiovascular) receptors and synchronous activity of motoneuron pools under such pathological condition as severe hypoxia.


Selected Publications

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Control

"Cardiovascular responses to chemical stimulation of the lateral tegmental field and adjacent medullary reticular formation in the rat"
Marchenko V, Sapru HN
Brain Research, 977: 247- 260, 2003.

"Different patterns of respiratory and cardiovascular responses elicited by chemical of dorsal medulla in the rat"
Marchenko V, Sapru HN
Brain Research, 857(1-2): 99-109, 2000.

"Pacemaker Properties of Respiratory Neurons of the Ventrolateral Medullary Regions in Early Postnatal Rats"
Marchenko VA, Voitenko LP, Volgin DV, Fenik VB, Vasilenko DA
Neirofiziologiya/Neurophysiology, Plenum Press, NY, USA, 28(6): 214-222, 1996.

Functional Optical Imaging

"Spatiotemporal activity patterns during  respiratory rhythmogenesis in the rat ventrolateral medulla"
Fisher JAN, Marchenko VA, Yodh AG, Rogers RF
J. Neurophysiol. 95: 1982–1991, 2006.

Synchronous Oscillations among Motor Neurons

"GABAAergic and glycinergic inhibition in the phrenic nucleus organizes and couples fast oscillations in motor output"
Marchenko V, Rogers RF. 
J. Neurophysiol. 101: 2134–2145, 2009.

"Temperature- and state-dependence of dynamic phrenic oscillations in the decerebrate juvenile rat"
Marchenko V, Rogers RF
Am. J. Physiol. 293: R2323–R2335, 2007.

"Time-frequency coherence analysis of phrenic and hypoglossal activity in the decerebrate rat during eupnea, hyperpnea, and gasping"
Marchenko V, Rogers RF
Am. J. Physiol. 291: R1430–R1442, 2006.

"Selective loss of high-frequency oscillations in phrenic and hypoglossal activity in the decerebrate rat during gasping"
Marchenko V, Rogers RF
Am. J. Physiol. 291: R1414–R1429, 2006.

Information Transfer & Spike Train Encoding

"Joint probability-based neuronal spike train classification"
Chen Y, Marchenko V, Rogers RF
Computational & Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 10:3, 229-239, 2009.

"Classification performance of a sparse representation of instantaneous firing rate"
Chen Y, Marchenko V, Rogers RF
Neurosci Lett. 439: 47–51, 2008.

"Retention of lung distention information in pump cell spike trains"
Marchenko V, Rogers RF
Am. J. Physiol. 293: R343–R353, 2007.

Contact Information

Research Office

Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy
2900 W. Queen Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Lab location: Queen Lane Room 174
Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 215.991.8169
Fax: 215.843.9082