Student Profile on Janelle Joseph

Janelle JosephI chose to major in math because it is the foundation of engineering. I started off as a Chemical Engineering major. I realized that wasn't really the path for me. I was majoring in Chemical engineering for financial purposes, not because I had a passion for it. I didn't want to leave engineering, so I thought that math would be a good alternative choice.

I minor in film and video production, and so my co-op was at a video production company in Atlanta. I was originally hired to do Data Analysis, but it ended up being more of a "go for" job. I didn't mind because you have to crawl before you walk. I want to find a way to use the analytical skills I developed as a math major to help me in the filming industry.

I transferred to Drexel after first going to Johns Hopkins University. The atmosphere there wasn't really for me, and even though its reputation was wonderful, I wanted an environment where I felt like the students were more important to the faculty than their research. I came to Drexel for co-op. When I was first applying to college, Drexel was one of the schools I applied to. When I decided to transfer, I remembered that Drexel initially stood out to me. My high school had a similar program to co-op for seniors, which helped me figure out what I wanted to study in college, so I thought Drexel would do the same for my career.

The math department is very inclusive and really allows students to feel like they belong. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed, open, and welcoming.

The best part of being part of the math department has been meeting the faculty and being able to be a big fish in a small pond. This gives students the confidence to ask professors for additional help. It is a great feeling to know that professors want to see you succeed.

If you plan to come to Drexel, do research on department so as a student, you can be familiar with all the faces before coming to Korman. I would also like students to realize the advantages of being a math major and the resources available to you (like the Math Resource Center) where you see familiar faces.

Plan to do production assistant after graduation hoping to some day work as a film producer. Someone said to me that being a math major shows that you have analytical and thinking skills so that when I work on film projects they are so meticulously done. Film professors offer to help me out extra because of the effort I put into my work, and the fact that I pay attention to minor details. Because math is so structured, I use the same skills I learn in my math classes in film. I methodically plan out before, during and after the project. Every beginning has an end and you can always check things at the end.