Albert Herr Teaching Assistant Award

Albert Herr Teaching Assistant Award

The Albert Herr Teaching Assistant Award is presented to a Teaching Assistant of the Department of Mathematics who has excelled in teaching. This award was established in honor of Albert Herr (1935 - 1995) for the unsurpassed standards he set in the teaching of mathematics and for his lasting and distinguished service to the department from 1957 to 1993.

Please mail your contribution to the address below. And if you have some anecdotes about Al that we could add to this write-up please send them along with your donation.

Albert Herr Award Fund
Department of Mathematics
Drexel University
3141 Chesnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Year Award Winner(s)
2014 Michael Minner
2013 Avinash Dalal
2012 Jeffrey Armstrong
2011 Lei Cao and Timur Milgrom
2009 Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Yun Yoo
2008 Caroline Shapcott and Wei Wang
2007 Jason Aran
2006 Ken Maahs
2005 Loni Philip
2004 Rachel Hammond and Emek Kose
2003 Amal Aafif and Daryl Falco
2002 Farida Mahableshwarwala and James Muscatell
2001 Anatole David Cooper and Khadija S. Sengupta
2000 Rahul Rajendra Baid and Julia Romero-Bruno
1999 Edoe Fernand Mensah
1998 Marna A. Mozeff
1997 Denise Marie Humes