Message from the Department Head

Shari Moskow

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Drexel University. We are a close knit, energetic and diverse group of mathematicians, with about 22 tenure track faculty, 20 teaching track faculty, 4 postdoctoral associates, 27 or so graduate students, 5 staff members, and about 150 mathematics majors. Our department has a lot to offer, and we invite you to join us.

We have a lot of exciting new developments in our undergraduate program.

  • We have a simplified and improved undergraduate major which offers a healthy mixture of abstract reasoning, applications and computing. It has a core set of requirements for all students, but outside of this core, there is great flexibility. This allows us to offer undergraduate courses that are better matched to a particular student's interests and modern industry preferences.
  • The new Dragons Teach program allows teacher certifcation and provides another career alternative for full math majors.
  • Fitting with the Drexel tradition of co-operative education, many of our courses are data driven and relevant to modern industry.
  • Our undergraduate research co-ops offer an opportunity for math majors to have a uniquely deep undergraduate research experience. These are six-month, full time, paid research positions with internationally recognized mathematics professors that often result in peer-reviewed publications. Such research experiences are excellent preparation for graduate work.
  • Recent math majors have had successful co-ops in several different industries, such as finance, health care, and insurance. A few examples are Susquehanna International Group, the Bryn Mawr Trust Company, Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia Department of Commerce, and Johnson and Johnson.
  • Our freshmen sequences are rich with non traditional resources. For example, we have a database of Drexel created calculus problems and are working on a database of video solutions.
  • The Mathematics Resource Center (MRC) is a huge success and is quite popular with students across the university. Many of our mathematics majors have the chance to earn some extra money tutoring in this center. Here they interact with their peers, faculty, and graduate students.

Our graduate program is an essential aspect to our department, and our main contribution to developing the next generation of mathematicians. We are extremely happy that our graduate program has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

  • We offer internationally recognized faculty and are strong in several areas of mathematics, including Combinatorics, Partial Differential Equations, Analysis, Biomath, Probability and Algebraic Geometry.
  • We offer a diverse set of research areas within both applied and pure mathematics, with a core program and a strong mathematical footing.
  • Our recent PhD's have obtained positions in both academics and industry.
  • Our second year oral PhD candidacy exam keeps students on track and engages them in research early in the program.
  • Our regular Colloquium, seminars and Distinguished Speaker series keep our graduate students in touch with the international mathematics community.

Shari Moskow
Department Head and Professor
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