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Katerina Pomerants

Ekaterina Pomerantseva

Anne Stevens Assistant Professor

Contact Information

LeBow 340-C
Materials Electrochemistry Group


  • PhD, Solid-State Chemistry, Moscow State University, 2007 (Advisor: Prof. Eugene Goodilin)
  • MS, Biochemistry, McGill University, 2006 (Advisor: Prof. Kalle Gehring)
  • MS, Chemistry and Materials Science, Moscow State University, 2003 (Advisor: Prof. Eugene Goodilin)
  • BS, Materials Science, Moscow State University, 2000

Professional History

  • DREXEL UNIVERSITY – Philadelphia, PA (2013), Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND – College Park, MD (2010-2013), Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute for Systems Research (Advisor: Prof. Reza Ghodssi)
  • UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO – Waterloo, ON (2009-2010), Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry (Advisor: Prof. Linda Nazar)

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Scialog Fellow, Research Corporation for Science Advancement (2017)
  • Materials Science and Engineering Department Outstanding Research Award (2017)
  • American Energy Technology Award – 2016 for energy materials and technology, International Association of Advanced Materials
  • Materials Science and Engineering Department Outstanding Teaching Award (2016)
  • Drexel Career Development Award (2015)
  • First Nanotechnology International Forum Prize (Energy Section)
  • CRDF Junior Scientist Energy Fellowship
  • Grant-winner of the Contest between Students and Young Scientists of Moscow State University
  • Moscow State University Scholarship for Young Teachers and Scientists
  • Russian Academy of Science and Unified Energy System of Russia Prize
  • LG Scholarship in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Gold Medal of Russian Academy of Science for the best Master Thesis Research Project
  • Leonard-Euler Scholarship, DAAD, Germany
  • International Soros Science Educational Program Honorary Scholarship (Soros Student)

Research Interests

The overall mission of our laboratory is to discover and develop new solutions and next generation systems for sustainable energy and clean environment. Our focus is the study of materials electrochemistry as it relates to energy storage and water treatment. More specifically, we investigate intercalation processes in transition metal compound nanostructures. We apply chemical synthesis approaches to obtain materials with the targeted crystal structure and chemical composition with the goal to enhance electrochemical properties, bridging the gap between chemistry and materials science. The research in our laboratory is focused on the development and characterization of novel nanostructured materials, electrochemical systems and electrode architectures for batteries, supercapacitors and capacitive water desalination devices to understand intercalation based redox processes at nanoscale. In addition, we work on developing innovative approaches for the integration of nanomaterials into devices to enable system-level characterization and to meet the need for long stability and high performance.

Selected Publications

  1. B.W. Byles, D.A. Cullen, K.L. More, E. Pomerantseva, Tunnel structured manganese oxide nanowires as redox active electrodes for hybrid capacitive deionization. Nano Energy 44 (2018) 476-488.
  2. M. Clites and E. Pomerantseva, Bilayered vanadium oxides by chemical pre-intercalation of alkali and alkali-earth ions as battery electrodes. Energy Storage Materials 11 (2018) 30-37.
  3. E. Pomerantseva and Y. Gogotsi, Two-dimensional heterostructures for energy storage. Perspective article. Nature Energy 2 (2017) 17089.
  4. M. Clites, B.W. Byles, E. Pomerantseva, Bilayered vanadium oxide as the host material for reversible beyond lithium ion intercalation. Review article. Advanced Materials Letters 8 (2017) 679-688.
  5. E. Pomerantseva, C. Resini, K. Kovnir, Y. V. Kolen’ko, Emerging nanostructured electrode materials for water electrolysis and rechargeable beyond Li-ion batteries. Review article. Advances in Physics: X 2 (2017) 211-253.
  6. X. Xie, M.-Q. Zhao, B. Anasori, K. Maleski, C. E. Ren, J. Li, B. W. Byles, E. Pomerantseva, G. Wang, Y. Gogotsi, Self-assembly of MXene/carbon nanotube paper with high volumetric capacity for storage of sodium ions. Nano Energy 26 (2016) 513-523.
  7. M. Clites, B.W. Byles, E. Pomerantseva, Effect of aging and hydrothermal treatment on electrochemical performance of chemically pre-intercalated Na-V-O nanowires for Na-ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (2016) 7754-7761.
  8. B.W. Byles, M. Maksud, A. Subramanian, E. Pomerantseva, The role of electronic conductivity and Li+ diffusion coefficient on the performance of tunnel structured manganese oxides in Li-ion batteries. APL Materials 4 (2016) 046108.
  9. A. Byeon, A. M. Glushenkov, B. Anasori, P. Urbankowski, J. Li, B. W. Byles, B. Blake, K. L. Van Aken, S. Kota, E. Pomerantseva, J. W. Lee, Y. Chen and Y. Gogotsi, Lithium-ion capacitors with 2D Nb2CTx (MXene) – carbon nanotube electrodes. Journal of Power Sources 326 (2016) 686-694.
  10. B. W. Byles, P. West, D. A. Cullen, K. L. More, E. Pomerantseva, Todorokite-type manganese oxide nanowires as an intercalation cathode for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries. RSC Advances 5 (2015) 106265-106271.
  11. M. Maksud, N. K. R. Palapati, B. Byles, E. Pomerantseva, Y. Liu, A. Subramanian, Dependence of Young’s modulus on the sodium content within the structural tunnels of a one-dimensional Na-ion battery cathode. Nanoscale 7 (2015) 17642-17648.
  12. N. K. R. Palapati, E. Pomerantseva, and A. Subramanian, Single nanowire manipulation within dielectrophoretic force fields in the sub-crossover frequency regime, Nanoscale 7 (2015) 3109-3116.
  13. K. B. Hatzell, L. Fan, M. Beidaghi, M. Boota, E. Pomerantseva, E. C. Kumbur, Y. Gogotsi, Composite manganese oxide percolating networks as a suspension electrode for an asymmetric flow capacitor, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 6 (2014) 8886-8893.
  14. E. Pomerantseva, M. Gnerlich, S. Baron, K. Gerasopoulos, H. Jung, R. Ghodssi, A MEMS platform for in situ, real-time measurement of electrochemical reaction-induced stress/strain in lithium-ion battery electrodes. Journal of Micromechanics & Microengineering 23 (11) (2013) 114018.
  15. M. Gnerlich, E. Pomerantseva, K. Gregorczyk, D. Ketchum, G. Rubloff, R. Ghodssi, Solid flexible electrochemical supercapacitor using Tobacco mosaic virus nanostructures and ALD ruthenium oxide. Journal of Micromechanics & Microengineering  23 (11) (2013) 114014.
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  19. J.-H. Lee, R. Black, G. Popov, E. Pomerantseva, F. Nan, G.A. Botton, L.F. Nazar, The role of vacancies and defects in Na0.44MnO2 nanowire catalysts for lithium/oxygen batteries. Energy & Environmental Science 5 (2012) 9558-9565.
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