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Snowflake - Biomaterials Laboratory Group

Materials science and engineering at Drexel is exquisite.  Light microscopic image of novel biomimetic aggrecan mixed with NaCl solution, a biomaterial mimic being investigated for use in numerous soft tissue applications. Image taken by Dr. Katsiaryna Prudnikova and colorized by undergraduate Joseph Sincavage in the Biomaterials Laboratory Group. Learn More


Materials science and engineering at Drexel is ground-breaking. Scanning Electron Micrograph of MXene thin film produced by rolling. Image courtesy of PhD student Michael Ghidiu. Learn More

Fluorine Anions

Drexel’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering research has the potential to positively impact society.  Thin film developments by Drexel Materials researchers suggest new ways to control electrical, optical, and magnetic properties in oxide films. Image courtesy of Professors May and Li. Learn More

Multi-Channel Pipette

Drexel Materials undergraduate students get involved in hands-on research starting in their freshman year. BS/MS student Pelin Kansu adds substrate for an Elisa like assay with a multi-channel pipette. Learn More

Thin Film Sample

The PhD program in Drexel Materials is ranked 11th by the National Research Council. PhD student James Nathaniel prepares a thin film sample. Learn More

Latest News

MXene gas separation

‘Chemical Net’ Could Be Key To Capturing Pure Hydrogen

March 06 2018

An international team of researchers, led by Drexel Materials, has uncovered exceptionally efficient gas separation properties in MXene that could be incorporated into the membranes used to purify hydrogen.

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Materials Faculty, Students and Staff Receive College of Engineering Awards

February 22 2018

Five Materials faculty, students and staff members received College of Engineering awards for their consistently high performance and/or their outstanding service to the College in 2018.

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smoke detector

A High(er)-Definition Nose

February 07 2018

Sensors that sniff out chemicals in the air to warn us about everything from fires to carbon monoxide to drunk drivers to explosive devices hidden in luggage have improved so much that they can even detect diseases on a person’s breath. Drexel Materials Researchers and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have made a discovery that could make our best “chemical noses” even more sensitive.

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Katerina Pomerants

Pomerantseva Receives NSF-CAREER Award

February 05 2018

Anne Stevens Assistant Professor Ekaterina Pomerantseva has received a five-year National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development grant (NSF-CAREER) for her project "Controlling two-dimensional heterointerface in layered oxides for electrodes with advanced electrochemical properties."

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MXenes expand with water and compression

Compress it, Watch it Expand

January 31 2018

Researchers in Michel Barsoum's Layered Solids Group discovered MXenes unexpectedly expand when compressed in the presence of water. This will contribute to a better understanding of how MXenes can be processed and opens a new avenue of study surrounding them.

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What is Materials Science & Engineering?

Materials Science and Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field at the forefront of all emerging technologies and is critical for future developments in energy and the environment, health and medicine, extreme environments, and information technology. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University is recognized as a leader in these areas, offering an ABET-accredited bachelor’s degree program and master’s and doctoral degree programs, engaging students in instruction and research. Learn More