Drexel Students

Lindy advisorsEach middle school student enrolled, as a "Lindy Scholar" will be paired with a Drexel college student known as a "Lindy Advisor," who will serve as both a tutor and a mentor to this student. Each Advisor will serve as a mentor/advisor for up to 5 scholars in either 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

Lindy Advisors serve a total of 3 hours a week tutoring and 8 hours a month mentoring in the following ways:

  • Tutoring - Lindy Advisors tutor their Scholars twice a week at their Scholars' elementary school from 3:00-4:30 PM. Advisors utilize our Math and Literacy curricula’s developed specifically for our program that focuses on techniques and strategies aimed at improving their scholars skills in a fun and inviting way. While tutoring, scholars and advisors can enjoy various snacks and assist the scholars in any additional work if the lessons are done early. Free transportation to and from Martha Washington and Alain Locke is provided!
  • Mentoring - On two selected, alternating Saturdays per month Lindy Scholars and Advisors meet from 10:00-2:00PM on Drexel's Main Campus (in Main Building)for Mentoring Activities. The scholars and advisors are put into larger groups, Advisories, and assigned rooms in which their activities will be held. The Mentoring activities deal with various issues such as leadership development, team building, diversity, conflict resolution, and self esteem and are from 10-12. For lunch we all eat for FREE in Handshumacher (which to many of the scholars is like Old Country Buffet). Afternoons are reserved for fun, interactive activities run by Drexel student organizations, field trips or special events. Past activities and trips include, Ginger Bread House Making, Ultimate Dodge Ball, Music Production, Creative Writing, and much, much more!

Benefits for this program include:

  • Ongoing training and development to improve your skills as a mentor and tutor
  • Gaining real-world experiences through transformative and meaningful service opportunities
  • Building new & life-long relationships
  • Financial support up to $750 upon completion of period of service OR eligible students can apply their Federal Work Study (FWS) funds toward their position as Advisors
  • Free Transportation to and from all Lindy Program Events
  • Food and Snacks!