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Jessica Urban
Change 4 Change

Jessica Urban
Jess Urban a sophomore majoring in Nursing, with a minor in Psychology from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is her first year as the DCS*Project Leader for Philanthropy and the President of Change for Change; a Lindy Center affiliated philanthropic student organization. In these roles, Jess leads campus-wide student-led efforts to fundraise and accumulate resources for Drexel Community partners. 

Change for Change is a brand new organization at Drexel whose goal is to act as a financial outlet for numerous non-profit organizations throughout our Philadelphia community. Change for Change educates, supports, and mobilizes a generation of young adult leaders to solve critical community challenges through philanthropy. Through a national Chapter network, Change for Change empowers young adults to pool individual donations, demonstrating the collective power of small change to create big changes. 

If you are interested in talking with Jess about getting involved in philanthropic projects or Change for Change, she can be reached at jlu27@drexel.edu. You can also check out Change for Change’s Facebook page & National Organization website, listed below, for more information!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Change-for-Change-Drexel-University-Chapter/154449604574884

Change for Change National Organization: http://www.changeforchange.org/