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Christie Ruggieri
U.S. Dream Academy

Christie Ruggieri
Hi! My name is Christie Ruggieri and I am the DCS*Site Leader for U.S. Dream Academy (USDA). I am a Junior majoring in Elementary Education and this is my 3rd year working for the Lindy Center. I am also the president of Drexel's community service student org. Circle K.

USDA is an after school program dedicated to helping children with incarcerated family members who are falling behind in their schooling. Each child is assigned a mentor to help with basic homework and tutoring needs, while also acting as a means of support for the child and inspiration for a successful future.

At the Dream Academy, you can get involved by either being a long term volunteer as a mentor or you can volunteer for only a few hours as a homework helper.

If you’re interested in talking to Christie about serving with U.S. Dream Academy, she can be reached at