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Ari Melman
Campaign for Working Families
Business Administration 2013

Ari Melman

Hi, I'm Ari Melman and I'm a Prejunior Drexel student majoring in Marketing and Economics. I am Webmaster for Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity ( and President or Urban Playground (, a friendly flash mob organization. In my spare time, I like to shoot zombies with nerf blasters, freeze in place with 600 people, go hitchhiking, and write about pseudoscience.

As the DCS for Campaign for Working Families, I help low income families file for their Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC gives earned income back to low-income working families each year, making it one of the biggest factors in closing the gap between minimum wage and living wage. This money goes straight back into the economy, usually to pay for tuition, utilities, and rent.[i] Every $1 of EITC brought to a city generates $1.58 in economic activity.[ii]

Volunteers are needed at tax season from January 24-April 15. You would be making a huge difference to hundreds of families. You will receive 6 hours of training before you can volunteer where you will learn how tax forms work. You do not need any prior experience.

If you’re interested in serving with me at the Campaign, you can email me directly at