2008-2009 Academic Year

CIVE 790 - Sustainable Water Resource Engineering – Dr. Franco Montalto (Fall Term)
The class partnered the Urban Tree Connection to analyze and design plans for re-development of a brownfield site into a community garden/farm in West Philadelphia.  Several graduate students continued with the project as an independent study through Winter term 2008-09.

CIVE 430 – Hydrology – Dr. Mira Olson (Fall Term)
The class partnered with neighborhood residents at the summer/winter garden to design and build a water collection, treatment, and storage unit for the garden.  Some students also performed a analysis of water usage and soil sampling.

EDUC 475/AFAS 298 - Brown vs. BOE: Legacies and Lessons – Dr. Kristine Lewis (Winter Term)
The class participated with a program through the CCE called Guiding Youths to Careers that match Drexel students with high school students in University City High School in a college-access mentoring program.

COM 111 – Principles of Communication – Tanya Gardner (Winter Term)
Students were placed with non-profit organizations as part of a service-learning opportunity exploring effective communication techniques in community-based organizational setting.

INTR 465/799 – Sustainability – Debra Ruben (Spring Term)
The class did an outdoor design project for green space and a playground at the Blankenburg Elementary School in West Philadelphia.