Drexel Community Scholars

Every Community Partner of the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement is potentially eligible for a Drexel Community Scholar (DCS), depending on the type of public service opportunity and availability. Through the Lindy Center's DCS program, we place Drexel student leaders in long term positions to help build sustained relationships with community organizations to support community capacity building through student volunteer recruitment and retention.

How does it work?

Too often, the needs of community organizations are such that a short-term service project can both hinder the programming of the organization and leave our students less empowered through their service. In order to lessen the burden on the community partner and provide a better experience for our students, we recruit and train experienced students to help build capacity of community partners while helping to orient Drexel University student volunteers to an organization, ultimately leading to a quality experience and greater student retention.

How do I get a Drexel Community Scholar?

�B;The criteria for matching DCS with community partners include the demonstrated level of need, the proximity to our campus, and the volume of student volunteers that had served that organization over the course of the last school year. Our goal for next year is to continue to identify organizations--especially those in the 19104 zip code--with a demonstrated need for a student leader to serve as a liaison, helping to facilitate greater involvement of Drexel students at that site or with that organization. If this opportunity appeals to you or to discuss recruiting a site leader for your organization, contact Brianne Tangney, bmt42@drexel.edu or 215 571 3813

Do you offer any support to the Community Partner hosting a Drexel Community Scholar?

Yes. Each Spring, the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement orients the Community Partner to being a host site for a Drexel Community Scholar. We also ask that you join us at the Selection Day to pick your member.