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Welcome Class of 2016

Printing - Mac Wireless Printing Setup



For Mac OS X

(directions are for OS X 10.5; other OS X versions may vary slightly)


1. Download and install the appropriate print driver:


2. Go to "System Preferences" and double-click "Print & Fax".




3. Click the "+" icon to add a printer.




4. In the Printer Browser, click the "IP Printer" icon on the toolbar.

5. Select "Line Printer Daemon - LPD" from the "Protocol" drop-down.

6. In the "Address" field, type "".

7. In the "Queue" field, type "Law_Public_ptr".

8. In the "Name" field, type "LRC Public Printer - B&W".

9. Choose "Select a driver to use... " from the "Print Using:" drop-down, and choose the "Lanier MP 4500/LD345 PS" driver from the list.




9. Click “Add” to save.

10. In the "Installable Options" menu, select "Installed" for the first 3 options and select "Finisher SR790" fro the Finisher option, then click "Continue".




11. To enable color printing and add the color printing queue, repeat steps 2-10 above, with the following changes:




12. Download and install one or both of the following Pharos print system drivers: LRCPopupBW.dmg (for B&W) and LRCPopupColor.dmg (for color).

13. You are now set up to print. From the program you wish to print from , choose "Print" from the file menu of the program, then select the printer you added.

14. At the print station, select Printing on the touch-screen, and then swipe your DragonCard. The print job owner will appear as the computer account you used to log in.


If you have any questions or issues setting up the printing, please contact Keith Berthrong at