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Learn STAR Report - Winter 2012-2013

Drexel professors are utilizing Learn in their course sections and this activity spans many academic disciplines. Drexel IT developed a "STAR Report" (recall the Morningstar Report rationale for evaluating mutual funds in a clear, understandable, manner). This STAR Report is based on metrics focused on engagement, content, features, and organization.

Metrics in each section indicate levels of:

  • Student log-ins
  • Student online time
  • Assessment elements
  • Discussion topics
  • Content files
  • Course complexity/design

NOTE: Other professors utilize other systems; this STAR Report focuses on Learn LMS users.

The following professors topped the report in their respective colleges or schools.

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Kristen Ainscoe FT Visual Merchandising DSMR-311-002 F2F
Kristen Ainscoe FT Computer Integ Merch Management DSMR-310-001 F2F
Ulrike Altenmueller-Lewis FT Enviro Psych & Desgn Theory ARCH-421-001 F2F
Nick Cassway FT Computer Design for Design & Merchandising DSMR-211-001 F2F
Nick Cassway FT Computer Design for Design & Merchandising DSMR-211-002 F2F
Carrie Gorn PT Promotion, Press, & Publicity EAM-391-001 F2F
Matthew Kaufhold PT Literature for Screenwriters SCRP-310-001 F2F
Karin Kelly FT Directing for the Screen FMVD-202-001 F2F
Cyrille Taillandier FT Listening Techniques in Music MIP-227-001 F2F
Ada Tremonte FT Contract Doc Interior Des INTR-445-001 F2F
Ada Tremonte FT Contract Doc Interior Des INTR-445-002 F2F
Daniel Wallace PT Entertainment Publishing EAM-461-001 F2F

Bennett S. LeBow College of Business

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Murugan Anandarajan PT Management Information Systems MIS-200-A F2F
Erik Benrud FT Derivative Securities FIN-650-001 & 002 F2F
Hande Benson FT Managerial Dec Models & Sim OPR-601-001 F2F
Lewis W Bryan Charnock PT ST:Intro Enterprise Software MIS-481-002 F2F
Dana D'Angelo PT Foundations of Business I BUSN-101-003 F2F
Daniel Dorn FT Advanced Portfolio Management FIN-342-001 F2F
Barbara Grein FT Principles of Auditing ACCT-341-001 F2F
Teresa Harrison FT Managerial Economics ECON-601-608 F2F
James Hartz PT Entrepreneurial Finance FIN-335-130 F2F
Mark Loschiavo PT New Venture Planning MGMT-652-801 F2F
Mary Mawritz PT Organizational Behavior ORGB-300-A F2F
Thomas McWilliams FT Managerial Dec Models & Sim OPR-601-002 F2F
Brooke Reavey PT Marketing Research MKTG-326-001 F2F
Samir Shah PT Management Information Systems MIS-200-005 F2F
Wenjing Shen FT Adv Decision Making/Simulation OPR-330-001 F2F
Sidney Siegel PT Organizational Behavior ORGB-300-007 F2F
Samuel Szewczyk FT Corporate Financial Management FIN-601-003 F2F
Daniel Tzabbar PT Intro to Entrepreneurship MGMT-260-001 & 002 F2F
Jennifer Wright FT Individual Income Taxes TAX-341-001 F2F
Jonathan Ziegert PT Negotiations & Conflict Resol ORGB-420-001 F2F

College of Arts and Sciences

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Laura Duwel FT Techniques in Molecular Biology Biology-219-061 F2F
Richard Forney FT ST:Children & Media COM-380-001 F2F
Cecilie Goodrich FT Human Physiology II Biology-203-A F2F
Erica Kleckner PT Persuasive Writing and Reading ENGL-102-091 & 092 F2F
Emmanuel Koku FT Data Analysis in Communication COM-705-002 F2F
Emmanuel Koku FT Sociology of Health SOC-235-001 F2F
Marianallet Mendez FT Persuasive Writing and Reading ENGL-102-006, 017 & 025 F2F
Gail Rosen FT Persuasive Writing and Reading ENGL-102, 154 & 162 HY
Julia Sluzenski FT Preprofessional General Psych II PSY-112-041 F2F
Lawrence Souder FT Public Relations for Science COM-400-002  F2F
Lawrence Souder FT Technical Writing COM-510-001 F2F
Judith Storniolo FT Cult Divers: Intro Cult Anthro ANTH-101-001 & 004 F2F
Judith Storniolo FT Hum Past: Anth/Prehis Arc ANTH-110-001 F2F
Maria Volynsky FT Persuasive Writing and Reading ENGL-102-309 F2F

College of Engineering

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Ahmet Aktan FT Structural Analysis II CIVE-702-001 F2F
James Breen PT Project Management for Engineers EGMT-620-911 & 912 OL
Bruce Char PT Parallel Programming CS-676-001 F2F
Thomas Chmielewski PT Linear Engineering Systems ENGR-231-001 F2F
Louis Dasaro FT Measurements in CAE Engr I CAEE-210-A F2F
Richard Grandrino PT Systems Engineering Management EGMT-685-911  OL
Richard Grandrino PT Managerial Statistics I EGMT-571-911 & 914 OL
Richard Grandrino PT Operations Research I EGMT-573-912 OL
Patrick Gurian FT Risk Assessment ENVE-727-001 F2F
Thomas Halpin PT Computer Analy Power Sys ECEP-502-001 F2F
Youngmoo Kim PT Machine Listening and Music IR ECES-660-001 F2F
Carole Mablekos PT Communications EGMT-504-911 & 912 OL
James Mitchell FT IntelliGeneralt Buildings AE-510-001 F2F
Dagmar Niebur FT Power Systems II ECEP-412-A F2F
Kevin Scoles FT ST:Intro   to Renewable Energy ECEP-390-001 F2F
Harish Sethu FT Network Programming ECEC-433-001 F2F
Oleh Tretiak FT Dynamic Engineering Systems ENGR-232-A F2F
John Zolan PT Problems in Human Relations EGMT-581-911 & 912 OL

College of Nursing and Health Professions

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Dominic Adams PT Urban Health Care HSAD-336-102 F2F
Lisa Aiello-Laws PT Health Assessment NURS-346-902 OL
Maria Benedetto FT Topics in Pathopysiology I PTRS-539-001 F2F
Lewis Bennett FT Basic Prin of Nurse Anesthesia NURS-503-001 F2F
Lewis Bennett FT Clinical Correlative Seminars NURS-688-002 F2F
Lewis Bennett FT Overview of Nurse Anesthesia NURS-504-001 F2F
Susan Burke FT Research Basis of Nursing NURS-330-007 F2F
David Caldwell PT Financial Management in Health Care HSAD-330-102 F2F
Veronica Carey PT Group Counseling II BACS-412-002 F2F
Ronald Comer FT Group Counseling II BACS-412-001 F2F
Michael Conti FT Advanced Principles of NA III NURS-518-001 F2F
Michael Dahnke FT Advanced Health-Care Ethics HSAD-309-102 F2F
Sandra Friedman FT Health Assessment NURS-346-900 OL
Mary Gallagher Gordon FT Synthesis of Nursing Knowledge NURS-489-001 F2F
Karyn Holt FT Evid Based Approaches to Prac NURS-527-900 OL
Marie McClay PT Care of Wmn/Fam Obs Needs I NURS-692-900 OL
Kimberly McClellan FT FNP III: Primary Care of Women NURS-578-001 F2F
Catherine Meassick PT Intro Nutrition & Food NFS-101-A F2F
Jan Meiers FT Functional Mobility PTRS-624-001 F2F
Cheryl Mele FT Nursing of Children NURS-304-001 F2F
Cheryl Mele FT Prim Care Peds Nurse Prac III NURS-644-900 OL
Jennifer Olszewski FT Comp Adult Nursing III NURS-401-007 F2F
Alicemarie Poyss FT Health Assessment NURS-346-901 OL
Brenda Reap-Thompson FT Synthesis of Nursing Knowledge NURS-489-002 F2F
Michelle Sahl FT Intro to Health-Systems Admin HSAD-310-001 F2F
Lisa Schmidt FT Senior Research Project BACS-490-001 F2F
Vicki Schwartz PT Medical Nutrition Therapy II NFS-544-001 F2F
Vicki Schwartz PT Adv Nutr II: Micronutr & Ctrl NFS-416-001 F2F
Sinclair Smith FT Adv Stats for Clinical Science STS-350-001 F2F
Katherine Taylor PT Health-Care Ethics HSAD-210-001 F2F
Masaru Teramoto FT Stats for the Health Sciences STS-345-001 F2F
Masaru Teramoto FT Intro to Clinical Research HSCI-310-001, 002 & 003 F2F
Louise Ward FT Communty Publ Hlth Nursing NURS-403-001 F2F

Information Science & Technology

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Christopher Carroll FT Server Technology I INFO-320-A F2F
Susan Davis FT Introduction to Archives II INFO-561-001 F2F
Martha Heyman PT Content Representation INFO-622-900 OL
Michelle Rogers FT Healthcare Informatics INFO-648-900 OL
Michelle Rogers PT Health Informatics INFO-799-003 F2F
Kristene Unsworth FT US Government Information INFO-680-001 F2F
Rosina Weber FT Concepts in Artificial Intell INFO-629-901 OL
Christopher Carroll FT Computer Networking Tech I INFO-330-A F2F
Chaomei Chen FT Information Visualization INFO-633-900 OL
Hengyi Chu PT Server Technology II INFO-321-A F2F
Robert Fredericks PT Software Project Management INFO-420-001 F2F
Susan Gasson FT Information Systems Management INFO-646-900 OL
Peter Grillo FT NURS Informatics for BSN Comp INFO-404-900 OL
KaTheoryn Hildebrand PT Information Services In Orgs INFO-643-900 OL
Katherine McCain FT Topics in Information Science INFO-861-001 F2F
Vanessa Morris FT Intro to Web Design INFO-552-900, 901 & 902 OL
Lorraine Richards Bornn FT Electronic Records Management INFO-755-001 F2F
Paulina Sockolow FT Info Inn & Tech: Adv Nurs Prac INFO-526-901 OL
William Taylor PT Web Systems & Services II INFO-152-B F2F
Deborah Turner FT Managing Information Orgs INFO-640-903 OL
Mark Verdeur PT Object-Oriented Prgmg Info Sys INFO-604-001 F2F
Sarah Zach FT Special Libraries & Info Cntrs INFO-745-900 OL

School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Kenneth Barbee PT Cellular Biologymechanics BMES-644-001 F2F
Uri Hershberg PT Medical Sciences II BMES-502-001 F2F
Joshua Jacobs PT Exp Design in Biologymed Research BMES-315-001 F2F
Donald McEachron PT The Body Synthetic BMES-212-001 F2F
Karen Moxon PT Neuroengineering I BMES-477-001 F2F
Joseph Sarver PT Physiological Control Systems BMES-405-001 F2F
Patricia Shewokis FT Intermediate Biologystatistics BMES-517-001 F2F
Kara Spiller PT Biologymaterials II BMES-461-A F2F

School of Education

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Anna Elena Bogardus PT Cult Hist Significance of Math EDUC-528-900 OL
Dana Cleghorn PT Mathematics: Method & Content EDUC-518-900 OL
Shannon Corey PT Special Education Foundations EDUC-142-900 OL
Nancy Daly PT Fundamentals of Special Educ EDUC-542-903 OL
Nancy Daly PT The Inclusive Classroom EDUC-544-902 OL
Megan Elwood PT The Inclusive Classroom EDUC-544-901 OL
Megan Elwood PT Pervasive Develop Disorders EDUC-551-902 OL
Ashley Hunter PT Pervasive Develop Disorders EDUC-551-900 OL
Dawn Kane PT Instr. ELLs EDUC-265-001 F2F
Constance Lyttle FT The Inclusive Classroom EDUC-544-900 OL
Kenneth Mawritz PT Quant Resrch/Data Analysis EDUC-835-610 HY
Michel Miller FT Pervasive Develop Disorders EDUC-351-900 OL
Ronald Ranieri PT The Inclusive Classroom EDUC-544-001 F2F
Cory Schmitt PT Multi-Media Instruc Desgn EDUC-525-001 F2F
Jennifer Schweikert PT Fundamentals of Special Educ EDUC-542-900 & 901 OL
Lori Severino FT Literacy & Content Skill Devel EDUC-546-900 OL
Lori Severino FT Spec Ed: Methods & Practices EDUC-553-900 OL
Marie Yursa FT Collab Instr Des & Analysis I MTED-621-900 OL
Marie Yursa FT Math Methods and Content: EC EDUC-317-001 F2F

School of Public Health

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Sandra Bloom PT Viol Trau Adv PH PBHL-856-001 F2F
Robin Brennan PT LGBT Health Disparities PBHL-675-001 F2F
Curtis Cummings PT Public Health & Disaster Prep PBHL-648-001 F2F
Dennis Gallagher PT Public Policy PBHL-650-001 F2F
Mary Hovinga FT Principles of Epidemiology PBHL-530-001 F2F
Stephen Lankenau PT Adv Topics in Qual Analysis PBHL-827-001 F2F
Raymond Lum PT Change Management in Public Health PBHL-605-001 F2F
Yvonne Michael FT Appl Surv Res in Epidemiology PBHL-632-001 F2F
Hernando Perez PT Environmental Health PBHL-640-001 F2F
Jennifer Taylor PT Injury Prevention and Control PBHL-663-001 F2F
Lisa Ulmer PT Theo/Prac ComHlth Prev II PBHL-803-001 F2F
Lisa Ulmer PT Research Mthds Comm Hlth Prevn PBHL-804-001 F2F

School of Technical and Professional Studies

Instructor Instructor Type Course Name Section Number Section Type
Kristen Ainscoe PT In-Store Vis Str RETL-325-001 F2F
Darlene Boyd PT Tools & Techniq in Creativity CRTV-502-900 OL
Brett Burchette FT Fundraising in Sports SMT-305-001 F2F
Brett Burchette FT Intro to Facility/Event Management SMT-200-002 & 003 F2F
Irina Ciobanescu Husanu FT Thermo and Heat Transfer Lab MHT-314-001 F2F
Ralph DeFrangesco PT Network Administration II CT-330-900 OL
Linda Forristal FT Tourism II HRM-135-001 F2F
Lezley Galloway PT Project Management CT-431-601 & 900 HY
Constantine Katsinis PT IP Security & VPN Technology CT-336-601 F2F
Tzipora Katz PT Web Development II CT-240-601 F2F
Nicholas Kontonicolas PT Hospitality Management Info Sys HRM-320-601 HY
Kathy Milhauser PT Virtual Teams PRST-303-900 OL
Cynthia Orth PT Operating Sys Arch I CT-340-601 HY
Victor Sohmen FT Project Management Leadership PROJ-603-900 OL
Ann Solan FT Strategies: Lifelong Learning CAT-200-900 OL
Ellen Staurowsky FT Sport Info & Public Relations SMT-608-001 F2F
Katharine Travaline PT ST:Sustainable Food Systems GSTD-380-002 F2F
Rosemary Trout PT Customer Service HRM-150-002 F2F
Rosemary Trout PT Micro Food Safety & Sanitation FDSC-270-A F2F
Rosemary Trout PT Tourism II HRM-135-601 F2F
Lamont Wilson PT Fact & Fiction in Film GSTD-210-001 F2F