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Bb Vista STAR Report - Summer 2009-2010

Drexel professors are utilizing Blackboard Vista in their course sections and this activity spans many academic disciplines. Drexel IT developed a "STAR Report" (recall the Morningstar Report rationale for evaluating mutual funds in a clear, understandable, manner). This STAR Report is based on metrics focused on engagement, content, features, and organization.

Metrics in each section indicate levels of:

  • Student log-ins
  • Student online time
  • Assessment elements
  • Discussion topics
  • Content files
  • Course complexity/design

NOTE: Other professors utilize other systems; this STAR Report focuses on Bb Vista users.

The following professors topped the report in their respective colleges or schools.

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Instructor NameInstructor TypeCourse NameSection NumberSection Type
Ian Abrams PT Film Comedy FMST-262-501 F2F
Kristen Ainscoe PT Visual Merchandising DSMR-311-501 F2F
Kristen Ainscoe PT Computer Integrated Merchandising Managerment DSMR-310-501 F2F
Nicholas Anselmo FT Acting: Fundamentals THTR-210-001 F2F
Nick Cassway PT Computer Design for Design & Merchandising DSMR-211-001 F2F
Anne Cecil PT International Fashion Merchandising DSMR-313-900 OL
Anne Cecil PT Merchandising Management Tech DSMR-305-900 OL
Joseph Hancock PT Retail Image Analysis DSMR-233-001 F2F
Steven Rea PT Contemporary Cinema FMST-355-001 F2F

Bennett S. LeBow College of Business

Instructor NameInstructor TypeCourse NameSection NumberSection Type
Robert Connelly PT Leadership & Professional Development ORGB-625-620 OL
Marcos DeArruda FT Corporate Financial Management FIN-601-677 OL
Kurt Fritzsche PT Organizational Behavior ORGB-300-501 F2F
Stephen Joyce PT Principles of Macroeconomics ECON-202-900 OL
Robert Keidel PT Strategic Management MGMT-780-627 & 951 OL
Robert Keidel PT Managing Technol Innovation MGMT-602-678 OL
Stanley Kligman FT Marketing Strategy & Planning MKTG-601-678 OL
Stanley Kligman FT Professional Personal Selling MKTG-344-001 F2F
Stacy Kline PT Managerial Accounting ACCT-601-629 & 646 OL
Arunkumar Madapusi FT Strategic Operations & Quality POM-602-900, 901, 902 & 903 OL
Michele Masterfano PT Busn Plan for Entrepreneurs MGMT-365-001 F2F
Edward Nelling FT Corporate Financial Management FIN-601-900 & 901 OL
Martha Nelson PT Statistics III STAT-263-701 F2F
Eydis Olsen PT International Business Management INTB-620-627 & 631 OL
Fariborz Partovi PT Service Operations Management OPM-315-001 HY
David Pedersen PT Investment Management FIN-626-501 F2F
Patricia Robak FT Financial Institutions & Markets FIN-622-951 OL
Colleen Scott PT Essentials of Economics BUSN-502-620 OL
Konstantinos Serfes PT Managerial Economics ECON-601-658 OL
Jock Sommese PT Foundations of Business II BUSN-102-001 F2F
Jennifer Wright PT Individual Income Taxes TAX-341-001 F2F

College of Arts and Sciences

Instructor NameInstructor TypeCourse NameSection NumberSection Type
Robert Brulle PT Environmental Movements in America ENVP-360-900 OL
Geraldine Cox PT Environmental Law ENVP-522-900 OL
Laura Duwel FT Microbiology for Health Professionals BIO-226-A F2F
Laura Duwel FT Techniques in Cell Biology BIO-215-061 F2F
Robert Finegan PT Analytical Writing and Reading ENGL-103-701 F2F
Richard Forney PT Business Communication COM-270-001 F2F
Valerie Fox PT Readings in Poetry ENGL-215-001 F2F
Cecilie Goodrich FT Human Physiology II BIO-203-A F2F
Ahalya Hejmadi PT Physiological Psychology PSY-212-001 OL
Maria Hnaraki PT ST:Cretan Civil:Unrav Ariadne ANTH-380-200 F2F
Rebecca Hoffman FT Microbiology BIO-221-001 F2F
Sarah Horsey PT Abnormal Psychology PSY-240-001 F2F
Dona Huggins PT Principles of Toxicology II ENVS-437-601 F2F
Meshagae Hunte-Brown FT Environ Science & Society I ENVS-260-001 & 900 OL
Meshagae Hunte-Brown FT Essential Biology BIO-141-001 F2F
Gregory Johnson PT Critical Reasoning PHIL-105-006 F2F
Karen Kabnick FT Applied Biology BIO-151-A F2F
Nora Madison PT Introduction to Sociology SOC-101-004 HY
Donald Riggs PT Tolkien from Literature to Film ENGL-323-702 F2F
Donna Rondolone PT Mythology ENGL-335-001 F2F
Gail Rosen PT Law and Literature ENGL-360-901 OL
Gail Rosen PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-701 F2F
William Rosenberg PT Introduction to Political Science PSCI-100-001 F2F
Lawrence Souder PT Technical and Science Graphics COM-540-501 F2F
Kathryn Steen FT Technology in Hist Perspective HIST-285-003 F2F
Judith Storniolo PT Cult Divers: Intro Cult Anthro ANTH-101-001 F2F
Judith Storniolo PT Hum Past: Anth/Prehis Arc ANTH-110-001 F2F
Judith Storniolo PT Native American Culture ANTH-212-001 F2F
Alan Zemel PT Qualitative Research Methods COM-220-001 HY

College of Engineering

Instructor NameInstructor TypeCourse NameSection NumberSection Type
David Augenblick FT Computation Lab I CS-121-561 F2F
Robin Carr PT Statistical Analysis of Engineering Systems ENGR-361-701 F2F
James Deiner PT Engineering Management II EGMT-502-911 F2F
Richard Grandrino PT Managerial Statistics I EGMT-571-911 & 913 OL
Richard Grandrino PT Systems Engineering Management EGMT-685-911 OL
Moshe Kam FT Fundamentals of Systems III ECES-513-901 OL
James Lill PT Engineering Management II EGMT-502-914 OL
Carole Mablekos PT Communications EGMT-504-911 & 912 OL
Justin Reginato PT Engineering Management II EGMT-502-913 OL
Michael Scheuermann PT Problems in Human Relations EGMT-581-911 OL
Kevin Scoles PT Evaluation & Presentation of Experimental Data II ENGR-202-501 F2F
Stephen Smith PT Financial Management I EGMT-535-911 & 912 OL
John Zolan PT Problems in Human Relations EGMT-581-912 OL
John Zolan PT Engineering Management II EGMT-502-912 OL

Earle Mack School of Law

Instructor NameInstructor TypeCourse NameSection NumberSection Type
Sophie Bryan PT Litigation Drafting LAW-806-501 F2F

School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems

Instructor NameInstructor TypeCourse NameSection NumberSection Type
Fred Allen FT Principal of Biomed Engineering II BMES-326-001 F2F
Todd Doehring FT The Body Synthetic BMES-212-001 F2F
Donald McEachron FT Chronoengr II: Sleep Functions BMES-412-001 F2F
Aydin Tozeren PT Computational Bioengineering BMES-375-001 F2F
Margaret Wheatley FT Trans. Phenomena in Living Systems BMES-451-001 F2F