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Bb Vista STAR Report - Fall 2011-2012

Drexel professors are utilizing Blackboard Vista in their course sections and this activity spans many academic disciplines. Drexel IT developed a "STAR Report" (recall the Morningstar Report rationale for evaluating mutual funds in a clear, understandable, manner). This STAR Report is based on metrics focused on engagement, content, features, and organization.

Metrics in each section indicate levels of:

  • Student log-ins
  • Student online time
  • Assessment elements
  • Discussion topics
  • Content files
  • Course complexity/design

NOTE: Other professors utilize other systems; this STAR Report focuses on Bb Vista users.

The following professors topped the report in their respective colleges or schools.

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Name Section Section Type
Kristen Ainscoe PT Visual Merchandising DSMR-311-001 F2F
Xela Batchelder FT Writing for Arts Managers EAM-401-001 F2F
Xela Batchelder FT Writing for Arts Managers EAM-401-003 F2F
Daniel Bell PT Digital Design Tools DIGM-100-004 F2F
John Bell PT Digital Design Tools DIGM-100-007 F2F
Stephanie Bruno PT Computer Integ Merch Mgmt DSMR-310-002 F2F
Catherine Byers FT Survey of the Fashion Industry FASH-201-001 & 002 F2F
Anne Cecil PT Visual Merchandising DSMR-311-002 F2F
Nicole Digiambattista PT Digital Design Tools DIGM-100-003 F2F
Eugenia Ellis PT History of Modern Movement I ARCH-344-001 F2F
Christopher Fernandez PT Digital Design Tools DIGM-100-005 F2F
George Hall PT Textiles for Design & Merch DSMR-230-130 HY
Brian Moore FT Promotion, Press, & Publicity EAM-391-001 $ 002 F2F
Kay Nothstein PT Computer Imaging I VSCM-100-002 F2F
Mark Petrovich PT Digital Design Tools DIGM-100-001 & 002 F2F
Clare Sauro FT Hist Costume: Precl-Directoire ARTH-335-001 F2F
Eric Zempol PT Digital Design Tools DIGM-100-006 & 008 F2F

Bennett S. LeBow College of Business

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Name Section Section Type
Eugenio Aleman PT Essentials of Economics BUSN-502-901 OL
Eugenio Aleman PT Essentials of Economics I BUSN-507-623 OL
Murugan Anandarajan FT Management Information Systems MIS-200-005 F2F
Mary Bardes FT Leadership & Prof Development ORGB-625-691 F2F
Dana D'Angelo FT Foundations of Business I BUSN-101-027 F2F
Neil Desnoyers FT Statistical Inference I STAT-205-001 F2F
Jacqueline Garner FT Corporate Financial Management FIN-601-607 & 647 F2F
Hubert Glover FT Fin Accounting Foundations ACCT-115-130 & 131 HY
Barbara Grein FT Financial Reporting II ACCT-322-001 F2F
Stephen Joyce FT Principles of Microeconomics ECON-201-901 OL
Robert Keidel FT Managing Technol Innovation MGMT-602-621 & 679 OL
Stanley Kligman FT Professional Personal Selling MKTG-344-001 F2F
Stacy Kline FT Managrl Acctg Foundations ACCT-116-130 & 131 HY
Rosalie Kreider FT Business Law I BLAW-201-900 OL
Rosalie Kreider PT Criminal Law BLAW-342-900 OL
Merrill Liechty FT Business Statistics II STAT-202-A HY
Francis Linnehan FT Leadership & Prof Development ORGB-625-636 F2F
Arunkumar Madapusi FT Intro to Business Statistics STAT-201-900 OL
Arunkumar Madapusi FT Operations Management OPM-300-620, 622, 900 & 901 OL
Thomas McWilliams FT Business Statistics STAT-601-622 OL
Pravin Nath FT Global Marketing MKTG-357-900 & 951 OL
Edward Nelling FT Applied Portfolio Management FIN-341-001 F2F
Martha Nelson PT Statistics I STAT-261-001 F2F
Martha Nelson PT Statistics III STAT-499-001 F2F
Girish Ramani FT New Product Development MKTG-347-001 & 130 F2F
Patricia Robak FT Financial Perf of Firm-Finance BUSN-506-623 OL
Patricia Robak FT Intl Financial Mgmt FIN-648-951 OL
Samuel Szewczyk FT Corporate Financial Management FIN-601-621 OL
Daniel Tzabbar FT Intro to Entrepreneurship MGMT-260-130 HY
Joan Weiner FT Organizational Behavior ORGB-300-601 HY
Joan Weiner FT Leading Effective Orgs ORGB-631-001 F2F

College of Arts and Sciences

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Name Section Section Type
Lloyd Ackert FT History of Science II HIST-281-001 F2F
Elizabeth Adams-Eilers PT Analytical Writing and Reading ENGL-103-003 OL
Shivanthi Anandan FT Cells and Genetics BIO-122-A F2F
Valarie Arms FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-122 HY
Kristen Begosh FT Psychology of Learning PSY-230-900 OL
Michael Bradley PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-148, 150 & 165 HY
Robert Brulle FT Global Climate Change ENVP-275-900 OL
Robert Brulle FT Env Movements in America ENVP-360-900 OL
Susanne Cohen PT Cult Divers: Intro Cult Anthro ANTH-101-007 F2F
Maria Coletta PT Psychology of Learning PSY-230-901 OL
Ingrid Daemmrich PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-155 & 191 HY
Blythe Davenport PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-103 & 410 HY
Christie Davis PT Science of Forensic Science CJ-378-900 OL
Laura Duwel FT Techniques in Molecular Bio BIO-219-062 F2F
Laura Duwel FT Microbiology for Health Prof'l BIO-226-A F2F
Mary Ebeling FT Globalization SOC-340-001 HY
Patricia Egbert PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-133 HY
Robert Finegan FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-132 & 141 HY
Evan Forman FT Psychotherapy and Counseling PSY-721-001 F2F
Valerie Fox FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-174, 175, 197 & 402 HY
Jennifer Gallo FT Physiological Psychology PSY-212-001 F2F
Ahalya Hejmadi PT Neuropsychology PSY-410-900 OL
Frederick House FT Weather II: Analysis/Forecast PHEV-146-A F2F
Dona Huggins PT Principles of Toxicology I ENVS-436-001 & 900 F2F
Meshagae Hunte-Brown FT Cells, Genetics & Physiology BIO-100-001 F2F
Meshagae Hunte-Brown FT Environ Science & Society I ENVS-260-001 & 900 F2F
Rebecca Ingalls FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-180 HY
Theodoros Katerinakis PT Principles of Communication COM-111-006 HY
Theodoros Katerinakis PT Research Methods I SOC-250-002 F2F
Marlin Killen PT Abnormal Psychology PSY-240-002 F2F
Daniel Kleier FT Applied Chemistry CHEM-151-A OL
Jacqueline Kloss FT Abnormal Psychology PSY-240-001 F2F
Craig Laird PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-131 HY
Craig Laird PT British Literature I ENGL-211-130 HY
Deirdre McMahon FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-129, 185 & 186 HY
Michael O'Connor FT Human Physiology I BIO-201-A F2F
Donald Riggs FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-104, 145, 153 & 189 HY
Norman Roessler PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-005 & 051 F2F
Gail Rosen FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-154, 177, 182 & 183 HY
William Rosenberg FT Research Methods in PSCI II PSCI-230-001 F2F
Jacob Russell FT Molecular Ecology ENVS-326-001 F2F
Lawrence Souder FT Technical Communication COM-310-002 F2F
Lawrence Souder FT Ethics in Tech & Sci Comm COM-875-001 F2F
Mary Spiers FT Principles of Neuropsychology PSY-540-001 F2F
James Stieb PT Engineering Ethics PHIL-315-900 OL
Judith Storniolo FT Cultural Diversity: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANTH-101-003 & 008 HY
Judith Storniolo FT Cultural Diversity ANTH-101-005 F2F
Judith Storniolo PT Hum Past: Anth/Prehis Arc ANTH-110-003 F2F
Judith Storniolo FT Modern Maya ANTH-212-002 F2F
Elizabeth Thorpe FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-121, 171, 192 & 196 HY
Eva Thury FT Software Documentation COM-630-001 F2F
Daniel Wallace PT Business Communication COM-270-011 F2F
Scott Warnock FT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-147 HY
Adam Yost PT Weather I: Climate & Global PHEV-145-060 F2F
Adam Yost PT Weather II: Analysis/Forecast PHEV-146-060 & 061 F2F
James Zigarelli PT Expository Writing and Reading ENGL-101-149, 152 & 162 HY

College of Engineering

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Name Section Section Type
Ivan Bartoli FT Infrastructure Condtn Eval CIVE-615-001 F2F
James Breen PT Global Engineering Project Management EGMT-630-911 OL
Richard Cairncross FT Process Design I CHE-481-001 F2F
James Deiner PT Engineering Management I EGMT-501-911 OL
Thomas Edwards PT Problems In Engineering Administartaion EGMT-537-911 OL
Gabriel Ford PT Probability & Random Variables ECES-521-901 OL
Richard Grandrino PT Operations Research II EGMT-574-911 OL
Richard Grandrino PT Project Planning, Schedule & Control EGMT-625-911 OL
Thomas Halpin PT Power System Analysis ECEP-501-001 & 901 F2F
Antonios Kontsos FT Applied Engineering Analyzing Methods I MEM-591-130 HY
James Lill PT Engineering Management I EGMT-501-914 OL
Carole Mablekos PT Communications EGMT-504-911 OL
Stephen Mastro PT Engineering Management I EGMT-501-913 OL
David Miller FT Evaluation & Presentation of Experimental Data I ENGR-201-601 F2F
James Mitchell FT Intro to Infrastructure Engineering CAEE-201-A F2F
Patrick O'Brien PT ST:Neg for Engineering Leaders EGMT-680-901, 902 & 903 OL
Anu Pradhan FT Statistical Analysis of Engineering Systems ENGR-361-B F2F
Justin Reginato PT Engineering Management I EGMT-501-912 OL
Ann Marie Schilling PT Operating Systems CS-543-900 OL
Stephen Smith PT Economics Engineering Mangement EGMT-531-911, 912 & 913 OL
Stephen Smith PT Financial Management II EGMT-536-911 OL
Walter Sobkiw PT Sys Engineering Analysis EGMT-699-912 OL
Ernest Weiler PT Sustainable Business Practices for Engineers EGMT-660-911 OL

Richard C. Goodwin College of Professional Studies

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Name Section Section Type
Jessica Anderson FT Introduction to Construction Management CMGT-101-001 F2F
George Hart PT Web Development I CT-230-120 HY
Shuyuan Ho FT IT Security I CT-395-120 HY
Shuyuan Ho FT IT Security II CT-420-120 HY
Joshua Horton PT Client Side Programming CT-290-601 F2F
Kathleen Murray PT Network Security II CT-402-601 F2F
Cynthia Orth PT Microcomputer Operating System CT-120-120 HY
Radesh Palakurthi FT Software for Hospitality Industry HRM-200-001 HY
Radesh Palakurthi FT Intro Hospitality Industry HRM-110-001 F2F
Rohan Tikekar FT Food Composition & Behavior FDSC-506-002 F2F

School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems

Instructor Name Instructor Type Course Name Name Section Section Type
Allen, Fred PT BME Freshman Seminar I BMES-124-002 F2F
Fred Allen PT BME Freshman Seminar I BMES-124-001 F2F
Fred Allen PT Principals of Biomed Engineering I BMES-325-001 F2F
Fred Allen PT Medical Sciences I BMES-501-001 F2F
Andres Kriete PT Biomed Imaging Systems I: Images BMES-421-001 F2F
Andres Kriete PT Biosimulation BMES-372-001 F2F
Margaret Wheatley PT Biomaterials I BMES-460-A F2F